Changing things up a bit this Tuesday.
Oh, don't worry....there will still be caffeine involved.
Today, it will be English Breakfast Tea, perfectly steeped and enjoyed in a garden bower.
Why you ask?  We are celebrating this:

My lungwort is bloomin!

My back has been aching for weeks, so raking was not exactly on my list of "things that must be done" on a holiday Monday.  But when the kids were playing in our backyard, and I spied this hint of purple peeking out from the under the leaves....MOTIVATION struck.   I left the kids with Left Brain and headed for my rake, pain forgotten. 

Before long I was lost in the the rhythmic motion of raking:  the fresh scent of new earth, mingled with the rustling whispers of leaves sent whirling and nearby bird-song.   My own holiday treasure hunt to discover what lies beneath the decaying pile.  The day was overcast, but not too cool; perfect weather that did not hinder my labour.   I too was swept away to the wilds of my youth.  There, peeking through the still cool earth,  is the lungwort, wild Canadian Ginger, and Bleeding Heart I had transplanted from my late Grandma's garden.  So special now that I will never more wander o'er the fragrant fields of my childhood.  A bird comes to my feeder, and I smile.   How fitting.   I stare in awe.  It was just last week that snow and frost still covered the mounds of leaves.   Yet beneath, life was finding a way.  The first shy sprouts now revealed under late afternoon sun.  I am dizzy, but not from exhaustion; with anticipation for what the next few weeks of warmer weather will bring.   My work is done, for now.  There will be much to do as Spring gives way to Summer.   A never-ending labour of love.  The irony that this pretty much sums up my entire life: indoors and out, is not lost on me.  Finally, tiredness creeps upon me, my hands aching from holding the rake, my back begging for mercy.  I put away the rake and catch a glimpse of my dirt caked, broken fingernails.   I smile the satisfaction only those who have the heart for Mother Earth can understand.    Surely as Spring has finally sprung, manicure season will come again too.

So step into my garden, won't you.   The tea is brewing, the air is warm and full of promise, and all of Nature sings you welcome. 

 Blue Butterfly Delphinium

 Creme Brule Coral Bells (still with lovely red fall foliage)

 Creme Caramel Coral Bells (purple/red fall foliage)

 Scarlett Poppy

 Hens 'n' Chicks (each child has a garden....these are fool and Kid proof!)

 Lilacs are budding!  (I transplanted these a few years ago from the big bush in front)

 Star of Bethlehem (white "star" flowers that open at dusk)

Pansies (started from seed, and already blooming.)

This is a mere sampling of what has begun.  I will add a Garden page in the coming weeks that will show the progress of my gardens.   I will share what I know.  The most important thing you can do at this stage is to work on your soil.   Mine is very much clay based, the most difficult, plus I have mostly shade in my backyard.  Yep, I do nothing easy.  But as you can see clearly, you CAN grow stuff!