Ever feel like this?

Ever have have one of those mornings when you woke up in a Funk?
You're not sure why, but from the moment you open your eyes, you just feel....not quite right. I wonder if that is where the saying "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" originates. Actually, I DID wake up on the wrong side of the bed! Monkey Boy came to our room last night and pushed onto my side, so I woke up on Left Brain's side, who had already left for work.  A cold hit sometime during the night, and my back has been aching for weeks.   Left Brain has a new shift schedule we are adjusting too.   No one is liking mommy's time on the computer lately.  Well, except mommy.  But that doesn't seem enough to explain this....MOOD today.   Or, is that exactly it?

The voice in my head keeps saying, "C'mon! Snap out of it already!"  But the day is dragging on.  The kids sensing my mood,  and now I have whiny, clingy kids attached to my funky mood as well.   Not a great combination.  Yet, I know.......a mom should do better by her kids.  Are they old enough to understand that sometimes adults just have blue days?  Zoo Zoo keeps coming over to me as I struggle to write this, wanting a hug.   I reluctantly pick her up and she wraps her little arms tight around my neck and kisses my cheek.   How can something be so lovely, comforting....and annoying at the same time?   A tidal wave of love and guilt washing over me.   They need me, and it so wonderful, and so overwhelming too.  Because today, I need something a little extra too.   But where do I find it?  Where do I go?

My get up and go, has gone up and went today.   Not forever; just temporarily misplaced.  Like the lost socks, and missing Lego pieces.  I will find it again, probably where I least expect it.   It's always the last place you look, you know.

How do you cope with a day like today?