Good morning and welcome to my Tuesday Coffee Chat!
Brew in my cup today is Chocolate Glazed Donut - yes, again. Less calories than the real thing!

So today I am pondering over that dreaded B Word. Balance. (what did you think I was going to say?)

In answering a question from the UBP11 Twitter chat last night, I mentioned that "balance" was something I would like to see 5MinutesforMom blog more about.   Well, this seemed to get Twitter, all-aflutter.  Seems not too many moms like that word.  And here I was under the impression I was not all alone on this particular one.  

But when I said I wanted to know more about achieving "balance".....I meant in a very specific way.  For example, you cannot just tell a mom of 3, with a shift-worker hubby, that she needs to spend individual time with each child so everyone feels momma's love and attention.  And just leave it at that.  Perhaps I'm a complete idiot, but please tell me how to specifically accomplish that when Angel Girl is either whining constanly in a corner, or inserting herself into the picture;  Zoo Zoo is climbing on the furniture, pulling everything off shelves, putting anything not glued down into her mouth......all while I am trying to have quality Lego building time with Monkey Boy.   And then I am supposed to switch it all up; what, ring a bell every 20 minutes? Next!   Ah yes, there is still the cooking, cleaning, laundry...And, when I am exhausted after they're all abed: there's a daddy wanting his fair shake.   Yes, I am sure yoga will help quite a bit with managing my stress, frustration and health, are you available to babysit so that I have time to do it.  Because I am also wondering, at exactly what point in that day was "me" time going to fit in?  Oh, and I do this other side venture; blogging.  You may have heard about it?

You see, it's not just about struggling to balance those daily things, it's about all the other stuff too.  Mommy time, Family time, date time.  Friendships.  Church.  Community.  A budget.  Lessons and programs.  *Sigh*.  That's a lot of balls in the air.  Who could juggle all that, and still greet each day with a smile: when there is no time to recharge your batteries from the daily grind.

So that begs the question:  do we not like the word balance because of this very image it calls to mind.  Us walking a tightrope, while juggling numerous balls, terrified that one may drop.  Or worse, we will fall off the rope and crash into the abyss below?  So we have just given up - because it seems so dauntless, and impossible?  True, it is a pretty scary image, so why not just Not make failure an option.  

But one tweeter replied that they preferred the word harmony.   Well, that does call to mind a more pleasing image.  Wouldn't that be nice, to have all life existing in one accord.  I could picture my daily life with this beautiful musical arrangement always in the background.  Special moments slowed down, all the better to be sweetly savoured.  Kind of like my very own Truman show; everthing perfectly orchaestrated.   Umm, you know that was a movie, right? 

Besides, when I look up the defnition of Balance, I find this little statement:

"bring into or keep in equal or satisfying proportion or harmony."

 You know how I talk about my relationship with God, and how our Pastor worded it so eloquently on Sunday - treating Religion like walking a tight-rope.  A balancing act of do's and don'ts, where you are so terrified of making a mistake, or falling, that you are frozen still in fear.  So busy just keeping your balance, you cannot focus on anything else.  Unable to live that glorious fellowship with God. 

So I cannot get caught up in semantics, clearly there is too little time for that.  Maybe I will achieve that perfect harmonious, balance one day.  And possibly just have enough left over at the end of the day for myself.   One thing I know for sure, I cannot be afraid to try, or simply give up.  The prize is too glorious.  I just need to hold my head up high, grab hold of some faith, and take a step forward.  I know that I am not more ways than one. I gotta a lifeline, a good friend I can call on in need, and He never lets me fall.