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It's a busy Saturday in this house today, so you won't likely see me hopping until tonight when all are a-bed.   There's swimming lessons, Angel Girls birthday is Monday and there are preparations to be done.  I have painted her brothers' old Spiderman 2 wheeler bike purple, added a basket, some sparklie streamers, one Barbie bike helmet:  presto brand new princess bike.  Total cost: about $40.00 (and that was mostly the helmet - the can of spray paint was only $5.00)  Brand new barbie 2 wheeler at Walmart: $120.00.  Yeah, who's a smart mommy!   The sun is finally shining, so I am guessing it will be a day spent outside.  Yay!

The beginning of Spring also means something very special here in the Valley.


Love fudge?  Especially fresh, homemade daily fudge?, trust, trust.   You gotta try some.  Each spring/Easter Penny makes 1/2 pound chocolate or maple fudge bunnies.  The cost is $10.00, taxes included, a bunny -- but the wonderful thing is $2.00 goes to Canadian Cancer Society.   Unfortunately their retail store is not currently open, but if you live in the Ottawa Valley Area, it is so worth the drive!  There is also a gift store, where your kids will love browsing through various "penny" candy - hello, giant lollipops - and a lovely garden/waterfall seating area outside where you can enjoy your fudge. 
(This is not an offical review, I received no discount, or free producet -- it's that good! Although You can enjoy a 1/4 free with purchase of 1 lb. with the coupon under "Digital Treats.")