Normally, I would be linking up over at My Little Life
I will include the link below if you are visiting and want to participate.  Next Friday I will be back to playing the 5 Question game.

But THIS Friday.....this day, I cannot tell a lie.  I will be glued.  Fascinated.    "Ew-Aweing" the dress.   And not just because I am Canadian, and thus, still somewhat mesmerized by them.   I just can't help it.  I love a good love story!

Oh yes!

I will be watching.
(well, the PVR is set anyway....I'm not completely crazy.)

I am really crossing my fingers for these two.

Starlight, starbright

Just this once upon a time

please ...

.... can they live happily ever after?

(a more dignified and fitting post to follow)