Normally this would be a post of a spiritual nature: a recap of our Pastor's sermon, or a Bible verse I have been thinking on all week long. However, today was my turn to teach our Sprigs Sunday School class, thus I don't know what the adults learned today. Which is okay because I really enjoy teaching young hearts about Jesus;  but didn't leave me with much in the way of a post. Thus, I give you an assorted tray of randomness.

❀ my house is a mess. I am blaming it on the Ultimate Blog party. I will be so busy cleaning this week.   It was totally worth it. ☺

❀ Thus, must also say a big Welcome and Thank you to all my new followers as a result of the blog party. So glad to have met you, and thanks for staying awhile.

❀ tomorrow is Angel Girls's 4th Birthday! If anyone knows where the time went, please advise.

❀ Love, Love, Love that my little Spriggies were all so excited to help set the table for our special "meal", AND find a special place for Jesus during the lesson today (The Last Supper). Don't underestimate the hearts and souls of your children. They understand far more than you think!

❀ If there are any daddy bloggers reading this, please advise if I should be concerned that I caught Monkey Boy (6) standing on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror, naked, flexing his muscles and in general checking things out.   Is this a guy thing?

❀ Dear birdies, thank you for arriving and heralding that Spring is here. But, could you do it a little quieter......and after 7 am? Thanks.

❀ It has taken me almost an hour and a half to do this post. The kids keep interrupting me and I keep losing, where was I? ....because the kids keep bugging me for something...and Left Brain is right over there! watching a movie. Can a mommy catch a little bit of a break on a rainy Sunday?

❀ fresh coffee hand delivered. he's my hero again. But now I don't want to write. I want a comfy spot, a good magazine, some munchies...and if it's not too much to wish for, some peace and quiet.

Hope you find your peace this Sunday.