What a happy Tuesday!   First, I get the house all to my lonesome for a few hours since it is Daddy/Daughter playdate day. I sit down with a fresh cup of coffee, and discover I have been honored thus:

A very special thanks to Grace and Me for giving me my very first award.  And you should definitely go visit her site....because we all could use a hearty laugh from time to time, and her cell phone song battle story is hilarious!  Plus, it will do your heart good to share some love.

Now there are also some rules/suggestions that go along with the above award, as follows:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.(done)
  • Tell us seven things about yourself (below)
  • Award fifteen bloggers of your choice (only 15? but you're all so awesome! ok, will try)


1.  I am an only child - but blessed with 4 step-brothers and 1 step-sister.

2.  I actually did get a pony once for Christmas.   Yes, a real pony and her name was Beauty and she was.  I showed Beauty in various fairs around the Ottawa Valley when I was a child.

3.  Secretly, I still want to be a cow-girl when I grow up.

4.  Despite how much I love coffee now, I was a late-bloomer in the caffeine department.  I don't think I had my first cup until age 25;  when I started working for the Government.   Although I do remember having tea with my late Grandma Fisher, AND she let me use her fancy teacups.  One of which I now have proudly displayed in my china cabinet.

5.   As a little girl, my first big celebrity crush was Shaun Cassidy.   I actually saw him perform at the Ottawa Ex, and I still can be heard humming "Da Do Run Run" often.

6.  Someday, I would love to participate in a Missionary Trip.   If God should lead me somewhere warm and tropical, all the better.

7.  Shameful secret:  when I sing in the shower....it's often country.  *gasp*

So, in no particular order (although I did try to pick those that had not received the award previously) are 15 blogs you should definitely check out; because paying it forward is the best part of receiving such an award.  And well, they are all fabulous reads!

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