Seemed like such an appropriate pic today.   Garfield - who's more sarcastic than him?  And what day of the week is better meant for sarcasm than Monday.

But more specifically, my back is killing me!   Monkey Boy crawled into my side of the bed last night, before I could, so I slept on his bottom bunk.   I didn't want to wake him up, but now I am paying the price.   My back had already been hurting for a few weeks (longer hours logged in the computer chair?), but now I am really in Pain.  Like, couldn't bend over to retrieve something I dropped pain.  Had to coax little Zoo Zoo to come over and  "get the sock for mommy honey.  come on....please baby.  I'll give you a chocolate egg."   Bribery.  Yeah, I'm not above it.

However, I can't complain too much about how this Monday has started.  Left Brain got up with the kids - something he has been doing more of lately: when he's home.   He's the one out freezing (ah, Hello April -- where did Spring go?) at the bus stop.   Of course the cold weather has returned because I dragged all the hats, mitts and coats downstairs yesterday to be washed.   Then he will take Angel Girl to her program, with Zoo Zoo zooting along.   You know what that means, right?

The house is absolutely quiet so that I can finish this post without a single interruption!   That may happen at 9:15.....but it is likely "PM"; and that's not even a guarantee.  And, I have a second cup of coffee.   So aside from the perma ache in my back... Monday, you're not starting out too bad.   Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, even you get it right.

So, let's be positive...what did Monday do right for you today?

P.S  But if you need a little help, or a pick up this morning, head on over to Mommy Moment
and check out the great #missionbeautiful campaign she started.  You will feel better.