Oh Yeah!!!
It's that kind of Monday!
The baby was up about 5 times in the night: first due to leaky diaper, but then couldn't settle. There was a very noisy thunderstorm last night. Left Brain woke me up when heading for work at 4:30 am, and just when I was finally getting to sleep after 5 am, Monkey Boy woke up with a bloody nose. Then he was up for good by 6:30 am. So yes, if I could mainline caffeine today, I totally would! Don't judge.

Because I have to be extra cheerful and patient today, it's Angel Girl's 4th Birthday! Wouldn't do to be "Old Yeller" today. LOL   And really, who could be in a bad mood baking and decorating cupcakes, playing with balloons and watching a very happy little Barbie girl open her presents?!   These are the days that make it all worth while......even if you are half asleep during them.  That's why we have cameras folks!

Happy Birthday Angel Girl!  Mommy loves you!