Why participate in a blog party?  You saw the blog title, right?

What better way for a tired mom to unwind, de-stress and refresh than by hanging for a spell with other fabulous moms? Since we've all been there, done that on the homefront.  But how many of us actually get many opportunites to GET OUT??!   To get our party on?   To talk to other adults?!
Okay, so technically, I have not left my house.  I could still be in my pj's for all anyone would know.  Sometimes you just gotta make the best with what if offered you.  So a big thanks for this opportunity goes to 5 Minutes for Mom.

A little bit about me.  Hmmm....that's always a tough thing; summarizing yourself in 20 words or less.   Obviously I am a wife and a mother (to 3).   But am I not more?   That's what this blog is about.  Taking those precious moments to discover this new (and hopefully improved!) me.  To check in with me, every now and then.   A mother's love is so selfless and all-consuming.  But you just gotta take care of You now and again too.   Otherwise, you cannot take care of those who need you most.

I blog about my family:  Monkey Boy (6), Angel Girl (4), Zoo Zoo (17 mos.), and of course my partner in crime and other fun pursuits, Left Brain (around the corner of 40).   I am a born-again Christian who would rather talk about my relationship with God, than Religion.   I have a bit of my Grandma, Bea the Great in me, so you can often find me either in the Kitchen, or the Garden.  And I love to write.  Clearly.   I do try to keep to a blogging schedule (How I Blog page), but when inspiration strikes, I go with it.   Hopefully, my blog posts will inspire my readers in a variety of ways; if I made you laugh - yeah!  If I made you cry, great too.  Tears can be cleansing.  If I mad you mad, even better - I love a great debate.    Some of the things you will not find here:  judgement, harrassment, bitterness, jealousy, hatred, or questionable content.   I have taken The Pledge, and since words, as we know them to be powerful things, are not enough: I am determined to Live It too.

And finally, last but not least, as I reformed Party Girl, I still love a good party!  I just have more ice tea in my glass, and less wine nowadays.  So click the Ultimate Blog Party Badge above and come join us.  Take some time out for You!