I am sitting here in the pre-dawn light.   The thermometer says -16, but it seems unreal with the glow of the fire warming my toes.  The only sound is the squeaky spring of the rocking chair, and the odd gurgle from Zoo Zoo's tummy as I give her a bottle.  It's way too early, but it's quiet.   Despite the early hour I am enjoying these first calm moments before the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school and programs.    And Zoo Zoo.....she's so cozy.  And warm.  And...wet.  

Wait, huh?

Oh crap, the bottle of milk has been slowly leaking down the side she is curled into.  So much for the warm fuzzies.  Warm milk bath.  And the gurgling?   Oh yeah.....baby dropped a bomb.   And that's just how fast you can go from the poster, picture perfect image of the loving and serene mom, to the one scrambling around trying to find a dry top, get more milk, and change a poopy diaper, hoping in vain that the other two don't wake up yet, but the very little creature who caused all the distress in the first place.....is screaming impatiently for more milk.   Looking at you with this expression, "gee mom, you're cracked."

No, no, I'm fine.  Really.
It's just Monday.

More later on our whirlwind weekend, with pics and everything.  After I figure out how to get them off my new phone.   Oh wait.  After Left Brain gets home because some are on his phone.....because mine ran out of juice in the middle of a party.... because I forgot to charge it.   

Clearly, the first order of business, is coffee.   A big cup of coffee.  Check back later folks!