So I have been spending tonight, with my new ginormous 20" HD monitor, catching up on my blog reading. And may I just say, "Bravo Moms"!  You are a gifted, creative, witty and talented bunch. It warms me heart: aye it does.  And quite relieved to see that we are not just Like This.

I have found that most of the mommy bloggers I have encountered have been wonderfully supportive, helpful and encouraging.  So far I have not received any negative comments, or worse.  Several have been very helpful in assisting me with the technical aspects of this blog.  (You didn't think this English Major knew how to do a scrolling marquee all by herself, did you?)  It might be due to a certain Pledge most of us have taken.
One oath to rule us all. 
One oath to find us, 
one oath to bring us all, 
and in the darkness bind us.

Okay, so I summoned a bit of Tolkien there, but it is a daunting task to enter the mommy bloggy world.   Often I feel like Frodo, wandering ever far o'er mountain and through gloomy marsh with his heavy burden.  Domains, templates and buttons, oh My!  HTML?  Javascript?  URL?  Linkydings/dinks/dos.  What the....?   Such are my Gollums.  Unknown entities; always following in the dark, out of reach.   How is a weary traveller to reach yonder mountain?   Follow me, follow you - together we'll get there.

Exactly.  If you recall, Frodo did have a little help.   He had his Sam.   So much more than a sidekick.   And some say the true hero of the tale.  If there had been any competition, or a power-struggle between the two........darkness would rule all.  How do you think the story would have ended if Sam had not been so strong and faithful.  He did afterall have the power of the ring in his hands at one point.  He could have kept it all for himself, used its power and abandoned Frodo in the dark tower.  But he remained; steady and true.  To the End Of All Things.

And so, since we moms hold something far more precious than a ring in the palm of our hands, should we not also model ourselves thus?  Since our children will inherit the kind of world we leave them, is it not best that we strive together, in faithful service, to ensure it is one of light, and not darkness?  If we abandon one another to the lure of profit and lofty followings, what do we teach them about measuring success?  Nay, I think it is better to lose the race, than to lose oneself.

So, what will you be?  A golden ring, forged in fire and darkness: calling others to your will.  Leading them to doom.  Or will you be the light in the dark, when all other lights have gone out, a beacon others can trust to lead them ever onward.   

"There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother." 
Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879)