Such a busy week....too much to tell. Best sum up.

March Madness? Nah, March means Maple Madness Time here in Canada!  If you are near Eastern Ontario, or just have a sweet tooth, check out a maple syrup farm. We went to Little Cat Creek, near Kingston

Forewarning......big hill on the way back to catch the wagon, but not only are the pancakes worth it, you can have more because you will work it off on the trails.  Great place for kids.

While in Kingston, we were also lucky enough to see LITTLE RAY'S
The kids pet a crocodile (well, a cayman technically), a tortoise, a lizard and held a baby python and a tarantula....while I held my breath close by.  So that is why there is only 1 picture to document the trip:

and of course we ended the day with a nice cold treat......after half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

there was a rainy day that was spent indoors doing such things as playdoo:
 2 snakes and one little mouse

Mr Snowman

Dinosaur and shark (?)

 Surfer and wave

and yes, the shark attacking surfer

And you know, spring is a good time to clean all your windows:

And since this is's bound to get cold at least one more time, so you could just go with it and join Frosty outside:

But if not, just relax in some bubbly warmth:

and if cabin fever is just too much...get out and learn something new:

But never worry.....if you are really patient.....

Summer will come.  I promise little ones.