Made some changes around the blog. Deleted the Got Toys page....honestly, I spend enough time picking them up, I don't want to spend my blogging hours reviewing them. It would probably sound something like, "Was super cool and Johnny/Susie was super happy at first, but kid grew bored after 4 days. Left under bed, where found when I stubbed my toe. Great hang time, though."

I added the "How I Blog" page though. Seriously, did you read the previous post about the disaster of the missing car keys, only to discover once found and inserted into engine.....nothing? Yeah, mommy's time out has created a big, unorganized mess around here. It would seem you can't have it all.   Or at least, not without some serious routine and structure.   

I don't know about you, but when the house gets messy, my brain can't quite function.  And I am not really a neat freak, so for me to feel frazzled, it has to be pretty bad.  So I decided to implement a blogging schedule.  It makes things easier for me because I will always have some kind of direction when I sit down to write.  Perhaps avoiding the dreaded Writer's Block.  And maybe it will make things easier for my beloved Followers, few as you may be, to determine when you would like to visit.  Because I don't know how y'all are finding time to follow hundreds of blogs....but there isn't enough time in my day.   And I want to follow - that's the thing.  You are all kinds of awesome out there in bloggy world and I don't want to miss a thing!  So check out the page if you also don't want to miss anything here.

So for the first Manic Monday installment.  Since the post is getting lengthy, will sum up:

- MIL's for dinner Sunday, thus home late, thus kids in bed waaayy past bedtime
- Monday's here!  everyone jumps out of bed full of cheer and blessing for mankind - NOT!
- get coffee
- all 7 dwarfs, with Grumpy as ringleader, have invaded Monkey's Boys body....he's so tired he doesn't know what to do
- get coffee
- Uh-Oh.  Guess what Monkey Boy didn't do?  Homework.  Yeah, and not just some light Grade One entire freaking project.  that must be designed and built, by him.  with recycled items (okay, all for that one) the heck will he get it on the bus?
- can you mainline caffeine?
- deep breath...son can actually build the item at school, just send materials - phew!
- eat..wait, did I eat?  can't remember
- baby runs to window, "bus, bus, bus".....oh crap.  well, that's one problem we don't have to worry about anymore. 
- DH takes son to school, Angel Girl tags along.
- 9:15 am, mom sits with baby and

Does it really matter how the rest of the day went?  It's not even 10 am!   Suffice to say that only Grumpy and Sleepy returned home from school with Monkey Boy.  They enjoyed some bonding time alone in his room.

How has your Monday been?