I awoke from my bed
I awoke with a jolt
I'm sick, I'm sick, she cried
from my bed I did bolt

straight to the bedroom
I dashed to her side
with a zip and a zoom
before baby sister cried

but alas, too slow
sleepy steps did not make
& before rooster can crow
now 2 are awake

with great coughs and crying
and a hearty "Accchhooooo"
I tell ye I'm not lying 
'bout all this pre-dawn belly-hoo

give a dose, and a hug
now go cuddle with dad
all snug-a-bug
'till you're not feeling so bad

and with baby's boo-hoo's 
still pounding my head
off for some moo-moo
past brothers' door I tread

go tippy-toe, silent and true
or then there'll be three
3 feeling so blue
Oh, How can this be?

that I could kiss all the boo-boo's
such one tired Mother Goose
Tell me, what would you do
what would you do, Dr. Seuss?

Theodor Seuss Geisel; March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991
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