You CAN always go home again!
I don't know about the rest of you, but coming 'home' to the house you grew up in is still like walking into a great big hug!   Perhaps I am just really blessed that way, but it is same, yet different.   I miss my mom, lots.   It used to be just the 2 of us for a long time (well, minus the 10 aunts/uncles and 30 plus cousins, LOL), and we have been through a lot together.  There's the unbreakable bond of mother and child....but also one of 2 survivors.  But we won't weave any sad tales tonight.   Now there is the new dimension of watching her as GRANDMA

My kids adore her.   And not just because she always has their favourite foods in stock...i.e junk (grandmas' house, grandmas' rules and I am ok with that).  They will have eaten more than their fair share of chocolate by the time they leave...I'll have to wean them slowly, and then Bang!  Easter!   great.  But I digress......  No, they also love Grandma because she plays with them.  I mean squeezing into basement crawl spaces for hide and seek play.   Now that's love!

And it is cool to watch.  A strange kind of role reversal where instead of her watching me grow and change - learning and discovering new things about the child she gave life too --- I get to watch her growth and discovery about my children.   I love being witness to this.   Kinda like watching them fall in love!

So as you probably guessed, I am blogging remote this week while spending March Break at my mom and dads.  Although there may not be a lot of time to update.  Ever noticed it is a lot harder when you are away from home?  Yeah, not really a vacation for mom.   This is grandma and grandpa time.  DH is home with the honey-do list.  Ahh, I was easy on him, no worries.  Lots of time for Left Brain to have a good ole Star Trek, Star Wars, Family Guy geek fest.

Me?  I am sure to return home even more tired than when I left.  Especially if Zoo Zoo teething baby stays up most the night again.   At least I don't have to take the other 2 swimming tomorrow.  Did you know you could fall asleep swimming?  Really.....I think it's the gentle swishing, and rocking, and the sound of the water moving...back and forth....and you're just so weightless....floating........
.........drifting...soooo o o  p e   a  cfdlj fvul    ..zzzzzzz