So Angel Girl had a birthday party on Saturday.  Eight 3-5 year old girls, in a mall.  Did I mention it was Saturday morning?   But in all honesty, it did go very well.   They had this little winter indoor fair set up with all kinds of games for the kids.  They get a prize no matter what, so our host had little bags for all the girls.  Great original idea for a loot bag.   They had a cotton candy machine, baked goods table, sucker wheel, face painting, and a puppet show.  (The puppets are a group called Zelda and the Zingers, from our home church.   They are fantastic.  video to come if I can get it uploaded.)   Angel Girl was so proud of her flower face painting, she wore it all day...... and night.   She wanted me to post the pic:

Then, we were barely back home and it was off to my sisters' house,  an hours drive away, for a surprise birthday dinner party for our "baby" brother.  The BIG 3-0!   Not so little anymore, but still is hard for us to think of him all grown up and living on his own in the big city.   Very proud of him for all that he is accomplishing (that's his company, Tees4Trees, in the sidebar.   If you believe in Green, check it out.)  The party was a great success.  Some of his high school buddies even made it; so wonderful.   And for me it was great to sit back, with a nice glass of the red stuff (yes, on occasion for a toast, I will raise a glass,) while the kids played downstairs --- i.e. away from us, and have some adult chit-chat.   Oh, and the sour apple martini my sister "made" me try.   That was pretty good too.

Elsewhere on the homefront, little Zoo Zoo is growing more and more everyday.   She is my third and I am continually surprised by the things she is doing each day.   I am not one to brag about my kids, but she seems pretty smart.  Perhaps too smart - we may be in trouble with this one.   She is getting into things more and more everyday.    Here she is discovering the dish bubbles in the sink.  She's 16 months and she pulled the chair out from her brother's room all be herself.

And after she was done "helping" mommy, time for rest.  And discovered Baby Einstein videos in her big brothers room:

She loves the Baby Neptune.   And for anyone overhearing......that's "duck splash" she is saying.

So the drive back from my sisters was quite late and during the start of the blizzard.   As you know, most people might panic when they see that much snow has fallen.  But here in Canada, we are quite relaxed about it.  We have our priorities straight afterall:

-16 without the windchill?  no problem.  as long as we can still get to the BBQ :-)

And I guess I shouldn't forget about our eldest.   Such a big, little man these days.  Doing more and more on his own.   He wakes up in the morning and doesn't even come and get us anymore.  Just goes downstairs to play quietly, or he'll sit at the kitchen table and finish his homework.  Amazing eh?  Yeah, but more often than not, this is still what we get from Monkey Boy:


And of course, Left Brain.  Well, he got me the cool new phone that took the pictures, so he's my hero.  And that's pretty much the weekend update.