I didn't think mine did. I mean, shouldn't DH be the first follower? How could I woo anyone else to the blog, if my own mate wasn't interested in reading it? It's not like I could dress it up in fancy gitch. (well, I suppose I could find that somewhere on the web....but then, would he still follow the next day?)

But apparently he must be on the sly.....or at the very least, he read THIS POST

because today Purolater knocked on my door and was holding several large boxes, clearly marked DELL.   And yes, I do know a MAC is better......one income and 3 children dearies.   But I really don't care what name is on the box because it could not be worse than the slow thing-a-me-gig(less) thing I have now.  I am just happy to leave the Flinstone era behind and leap into this century.  And with a 20" HD monitor no less. 

Okay, I have no idea what that means, really.  But it looks big and shiny and bright...and Ohhhhhh...look at the pretty colors on my blog!   Holy crap....there's a rainbow! 

Now, before all the other DHs' reading their mates blogs get all ruffled because they now have to buy something nice........relax.   It is my 40th birthday approaching....and another dust buster was not gonna make the grade.  I have spent some time in gift purgatory -- something fantastic was due.  And really, the whole family uses the computer, so it is not completely "mine".    I will share......in a bit.

So tonight, let's sing the praises of our wonderful DH's, who every now and then.....get it right.
When was the last time your husband surprised you with something unexpected and wonderful?