....and No Place To Go.

So, as you may know if you are a frequent reader, DH, aka "Left Brain" is a shift worker, and thus often works Saturday nights. This means I get myself and 3 children ready for church on Sundays. To say it is not a great way to start Sunday with peace and serenity on the forefront of my emotions, is an understatement. But I try my best because it is important to me that they learn about God.   So while technically, this may be a rant, I will endeavour to find the hidden Sunday sermon.

I've got everyone fed, cleaned, dressed, snacks ready, car loaded.   Just have coats to put on and load everyone.  Except...where are my keys?  Okay...check purse, check coat pockets....check. EVERYWHERE.    Nada.  Why?  Because someone (ahem, LB) gave them to the baby to play with. They are in the house, Somewhere.   Probably with all the missing socks....and my sanity.  Just Breathe.  Get Left Brains' keys and solider on.  Insert key and...No Liftoff! WTF! (now I really need to get to church, that's 2 deadly sins if you are keeping track!).   Car battery dead.  kaput.   Son fetched something from car and left interior lights on.   I had asked LB to ensure that he had closed up the van properly after fetching the item.....he dismissed my worries.  (ggggrrrrrr).   Really people, big and small ones, is it that hard to just listen to me and obey?   I do have sound reasons for my directives, I promise you.   I'm not just flapping my gums here ya know.  

So here I am, back in sweats, with a 2nd cup of coffee, while the kids play.  Which you might think is not a bad deal on a Sunday morning.   And it's not.  Except, church is important to me.   It's the solid foundation that keeps me afloat when the stormy seas would sweep me against the cold, gray rocks.  Sounds dramatic, I know, but that's the truth of me.  And I would like it to be my children's truth one day too.  Afterall, the seas get rough out there in the great blue yonder, and one day, they will set adrift on their own.  They will need to know how to summon the faith of "Peace, be still".

So, despite the fact that my Irish blood is boiling, I will try to keep that as my mantra today.   And Left Brain did have to get out of bed after only a few hours sleep to recharge car battery.   The guilt of that will help the anger simmer down a mite.   But honestly, can I get a little help here?   I don't mind hard work, as long as it is not all for naught.  But if I'm the only one doing all the work?  Well refer to the button on the side bar regarding how mommy's happiness affects us all.

So Dear God, I tried today, I really did.  But the forces that would rather I stumble and fumble through this life, scored one today.   But even though I stumble, I shall not Fall.  So if you wouldn't mind, today I need a little "raising up"; and an extra dose of patience, and perhaps some forgiveness too.  I claim the promise of "Peace, be Still".  Amen.

And for the record.....I Was On Time!