The Return of the Incredible Non-Sleeping Baby

After a year of many, many, many, many (are U with me still?) sleepless nights, we had finally got Zoo Zoo on a pretty good sleep schedule.   We figured out she only wanted to nap once a day; for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours, and then she would usually settle down for the night by 8:30 pm.   It seemed she'd finally learned how to settle herself in the night if she woke up - thanks to one hellish night of 3 hour straight crying.  No, I didn't necessarily want to "cry it out" simply got to the point where after months, and months of pacing, rocking, night feedings, and countless night wakings......we just couldn't go on anymore.   There comes a point where you just cannot do anymore for them; they have to learn to sleep!   But we finally got there!

*SMACK*.  Yeah, hello?  This is reality calling.  You're a parent!  It never ends!   Lately we have had a return to countless night wakings.  In desperation we gave her a bottle one night.  First mistake.  I know you are out there, shaking your heads, asking if I am crazy.  Yes, yes, I am.   Sleep deprivation can do that to you.   So there I was again last night from just before midnight to almost 3 am, letting her cry  it out again.   A bottle would not have made a difference.  Ask Left Brain.  He did that the night before and all it did was give her the energy to stay awake for another 2 hours!    And then she was up at 6 am!!   So I cannot even expect that she might sleep in out of sheer exhaustion.  Although if I must look for the silver lining, she has not given up the naps at least.  I can probably expect at least a 3 hour nap from her.   Great, you say.

*SMACK*  There's a reality shot for you.   I had soooo much planned today!   I had to actually leave the house and do things today.   If I go ahead and try to get stuff done...I'll be toting a tired, cranky tot with me.   And the only nap will be if she falls asleep on the drive to and from the store.  Did I mention we live in a small town?  The store is 2 minutes from my house.   But she's done it.....and then never gone back to sleep until night.   As for myself.....feel pretty cranky too.  I've had 3 hours sleep.  And the previous nights were not much better.   I don't think I would drive myself anywhere, let alone my children.   But......this is the life of a stay at home mom.  Things have to get done, and there is no one else to do them.   Left Brain worked nights, but somehow he will end up getting more sleep than me.   But there's no help for it.   Sometimes you just got to buckle down and get 'er done.

There is not enough coffee in the world today.