(well, sort of published.  see link below blog entry)

As some may know, especially if you've read the previous post, I am a Christian stay at home mom. Now some may think that means I am really religious. Well, yes, if you think that means I pray, read the bible and go to church, I guess so.   But while I will discuss openly about my beliefs on this blog....I certainly don't expect others to agree or subscribe to them also.  Neither do I condemn/judge them if they don't.  (Especially having read the Bible and being very aware it says We Are All sinners.  so, yep, that's me too.  big ole sinner......why do you think I have to go easy on the Cosmos?  And I don't recall reading a hierarchy of sin.  it's all bad.  all causing separation from one another; and from God.)   It's none of my business where your will leads  you....that's the beauty of free will.   I got 3 kids: I have neither the time, nor the inclination to pass judgment on another.  I just share my own thoughts and experiences.  If it should help some one, or gives them something to ponder, great.  If it riles them up to intense debate...even better!  LOL.    

For me, I tend to focus more on the relationship aspect.  Meaning it is a personal and active commitment.     I believe that God does speak to us today; and that He moves in our lives (but not against our will.)  I believe that in sharing about this relationship, we can have an impact on others around us.  Not to force them, not to beat them about the head....but yes, hopefully to move them in some way (because I think we are all searching....and there's just so many questions in this world today, isn't there?)  Maybe it will encourage someone, give another hope, reaffirm faith in another.  Maybe it will just p$ss you off.   That will be fun too. Jesus commanded us to Love one another - to do unto one another as He did for us.  So in sharing, I try to follow this example......to share the love, so to speak.   I guess as an avid Gardener, I tend to think along the lines of "what you feed, will grow."   And I guess I'd like us all to be great big tall and sturdy flowers with our faces turned upward, feeling the warmth of the Son.

And that is why I felt compelled to share this testimony .