As Angel Girl called it, and insisted on joining me.   Afterall, Monkey Boy does get invited to many "boy parties" (aka birthdays), so I felt it was only fair to let her come along to my cousins' baby shower.  Another precious girl will be joining the family come Spring!   Luvs it.  (yeah, love that it is Not me!).  Seriously, first time in a long time that I looked at pretty, pink frilly things and didn't feel that little tug in the hidden place!   (although, I sometimes wonder if it was blue and would that make a difference?  another boy perhaps?  then Monkey Boy leaps from the couch, to the table, to the chair and the back over the couch and I think....yeah, 1 boy is good.)   Perhaps that is somewhat bittersweet, but I prefer to think of it as just blessedly content.  

So here are a few pics from our "girl party":

The prettiest little cake

Angel Girl having her baby bottle cookie; and "helping" with the gifts:

And last, the traditional ribbon hat:

Ah, she'd be beautiful no matter what she wore.   I'll tell you what is bittersweet.  I use to babysit her!   I can remember when my "little" (she's about 5'9 to my 5'3) cousin was born.  I was utterly fascinated by her.  She might have been the first little baby I can remember being around.   A REAL doll!! It's a weird thing to touch the preggie belly of a woman you used to change diapers and help bathe!  Aside from feeling absolutely ancient at this moment, those lingering thoughts of legacy are front and centre again.   Another wee one to pass our all knowledge, traditions and love onto.   Will we see Grandma's smile in her?   Will she be tall like her mama and her Grandpa?  Will she love horses, or be a city girl?    Whoever she resembles, and whatever she will be......know this little are coming into a great big family of LOVE!

There is so much pressure on mommies these days.  stay at home, or working; we are all expected to do it all.   So much information, judgment, and competition that even the best of mommies can 2nd guess themselves everyday.   But to my dear cousin, know this:    God gave you this precious gift.  And He would not give the wonderful miracle of the gift of life without also giving you the tools to not only survive; but to succeed!   You have the emotional, physical and spiritual tools necessary to raise this little one.   There will be abundant joys -- rejoice and remember them.  They will get you through the numerous missteps - and there will  be mistakes.  Forgive yourself.  Tomorrow is another day.    Flash cards, educational toys and books, and the right daycare/school....all good things....but nothing will ever replace your love.   So just love on them everyday.   And every once and awhile, when you can squeeze it in between the diapers, bottles and lullabies......don't forget about yourself too!  No one can teach love, if they fail to first practice it on themselves!

No painter's brush, nor poet's pen
In justice to her fame
Has ever reached half high enough
To write a mother's name.
~Author Unknown