Okay, I am a woman of my word, so I did my homework.  A search of "Born this Way" not only led me to Lady Gagas' song, (definitely very catchy, but maybe not quite my style, but she is female by the way....and quite obviously a big David Bowie fan, methinks) but also to this particular site.   (not necessarily a site for young kids, so open when they are out of the room - and if you are conservative, consider this your forewarning).  Yes, that's right.... I did go there.  It's a site where gay men (or women, even transgendered) can post their stories, struggles, whatever, about discovering and ultimately accepting their sexual identity.   Obviously the premise is that they were born gay this way.   That they always felt somehow....different, even before they could understand fully what that difference was.   It was always there.  But, but.....you are a Christian blogger?!   So? Are you going turn me in or something?  Relax.  God already knows.

Yes, I am Christian and Yes, I am also interested in hearing their stories.  I think many of them have incredible inner strength.  I think many have something important to say.  Let's be honest...it is an interesting question -  Is someone born gay, or is one "made" (for lack of a better word)?   I am sure if I took a poll, I'd get a hundred different reasons, explanations, personal ancedotes.  I don't know that there is a definitive answer.  Gays would say it just is and they can't help it.   Religious individuals would argue it's sin and you must pray for the strength to resist.  The thing is....I KNOW people who have done that......for years.  Married and had kids all in a seemingly vain attempt to stamp out what they knew deep down couldn't be stamped.   Lived alone in lonely denial rather than  "fall into sin".  Didn't go to church because they were a person who believed very strongly in God and were full of shame.   Christians know a very famous gospel singer who wrote the most beautiful praise and worship songs.  We all sang them.  And then he came out.  Suddenly his songs are contaminated?   That doesn't make any sense.  Would it have made a difference if he was honest at the beginning about this struggle?  I think so.  I submit Christians were more upset about his deception, than about the fact that he was gay.  So, I am curious as to whether knowing the answer to born vs. made, would just give us further excuse to treat them as second class citizens; or the compassion to love them anyway?  Because I do know what Jesus would do.  

But, but....the bible says.   Yes, I know what it says.  I have read it a time or two.  Remember what I also said previously about all of us being sinners in God's eyes, and that I have not yet in my reading discovered any detailed hierarchy that says your sin is worse than mine.  So yes, I guess the proper Christian response is probably more along the lines that they have been deceived into sin.  Or even that some are rejoicing in it.   I mean to have a parade...really.  just flaunting their wickedness!  All I can say to that is......I hope someone never presumes to know my heart and mind so clearly.  especially without ever have spoken to me.  Ever  attempted to gain an understanding of my personal journey in this world.  What would I do if all the freckled people in the world were so judged and hated?   Well, it wasn't so long ago that I might have burned at the stake out of fear that I was a witch!   Freckles were once feared to be the Devil's Mark!  Can you imagine such nonsense.  Burned at the stake because of something I had no control over.  Something my body just.....did.  A simple biological, or scientific reason would one day explain this strange, marked occurrence.  But until then.... I would have to cover myself from head to toe.  Hide.  I cannot imagine what kind of life that would be.  The shame.  The various home remedies one might try: "out damn spot, out".   It's so much easier to judge, when you have the luxury of NOT knowing.

I have been asked regarding my earlier post about marriage, that it was obvious I didn't agree with same-sex marriage, since the Bible verse I quoted mentioned "male and female".    I don't recall saying I didn't "believe" that.  What I DO believe is that God made marriage sacred.  That means it is not to be entered lightly and that it is a covenant that should not be carelessly broken.   My post was intended more for those who are married and the respect and care they should take in their union.  Not as a political statement against gay marriage.  Because...??? .....it's none of my business!   God also gave us Free Will......feel free to use it.   I use it. Boy, there was a time....I Really used it.  My personal relationship with God is my business.   Yours, or absence thereof, is yours.   God sees your heart...not me.  And I would never presume to know otherwise.   I don't believe that I have the right, in a land of freedom and democracy to tell 2 man, or 2 woman that they cannot marry.  Because the one thing I sure don't believe in is hate, or prejudice.   Now, to be fair, I also don't believe a Priest, Pastor, or any clergy who feel it is against their doctrines should be made to perform the ceremony.   Just makes sense really.....since we are all about freedom of will/expression here....that neither party should be inserting their will upon the other.   But shame on those clergy who ask them to leave the church.  shame on you!  Didn't you read the rest of the bible...you know that part about loving the sinner?  I mean, if they are just big sinners and Jesus was here today.....exactly who do you think He would invite to church?  Just the saints?

Oh, but it is soooo easy to hate what we fear, isn't it?  To push away, or push out what we think might threaten our secure little world.   Well, why should it threaten me?  I know in Whom I believe. Having personal relationships with gay couples/individuals will not throw my relationship with God into a tailspin.   Why should it?   If God says it's a sin and you're going straight to hell.  well, good luck with that.  not my problem.   God said I should love others as He loved me.   Judge not, lest ye be judged.  my part: done and done.    Newsflash:  God loves us ALL.   If I treat any of His children any less... than I am a poor reflection of Gods' love.   What kind of Christian message is that.  Afterall, faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you cannot see.  Of whom then should I be afraid?  The way I see it, we all have struggles...I bet we all have one secret, dark thing .....one thing we'd change if we could -- but we just can't.  Would we all be so brave with our burdens as to "out" ourselves?