Angel Girl has been helping me bake quite a bit lately. Secretly, I think licking the bowl/spoon is a Big motivation, but if it gets her interested in baking....I'll take it!   She's helped me with most of the Christmas baking - Shortbread cookies, Peanut Butter cookies, haystacks, caramel popcorn.....pretty much all the recipes you can find under "Kids in the Kitchen".    Yesterday I was printing off a new brownie recipe called Read To Me brownies (will be posted under the recipes section) and Angel Girl wanted to make them for her Little People's class today.  She was very excited because these are the type that have the mini marshmallows on top.  I was very excited because it uses 1 bowl, and didn't have a ton of ingredients (hence it's inclusion in the recipe section.)    So, even though I was a bit tired of baking since I had just made 1 whole wheat bread loaf, and 2 of my Amish Friendship loaves......I dragged all the newly cleaned baking stuff....again.

And of course it was worth it!   They tasted great....especially since she insisted on adding the chocolate frosting over the marshmallows (great - no one can tell they are just a tad past the "golden" brown phase), and she was so proud to take them today.   Sometimes, it costs us so little to make them happy.   These kind of moments are HUGE for them.  She made them!  She felt great about that.   The pleasure for me is twofold:  it builds her self system because she helped make them, 2) it teaches her about serving others, because she did it for her class - not just herself.   Okay, 3fold ---- it was a big batch and we got to keep a couple for us at home.   Win, win!

Plus, as I have been thinking about legacy a lot lately, it reminds me of baking with my Grandma Fisher.  I am hoping that I can pass that tradition on.  It's not just about the baking - which is obviously a useful skill and all the better if you teach them at a young age how to do it healthy --- but it is also about a kind of servitude.  Food accompanies us on many of our social outings.   We gather in people's kitchens --- not the living room.  In the future, she will have sleepovers and it would be great if she could be with her girls in our kitchen whipping up something tasty for them.  Maybe later on she'll host fabulous dinner parties.  Maybe she'll have a restaurant or run a soup-kitchen.  Who knows.   But I'd like to think no matter what she does......I had a part in the inspiration.