After all the hustle and a whirlwind of kisses, hugs and the blur of beautiful paper bits flying about like they were shot out of  a is over.   The Season is done before you scarce have a chance to enjoy it.  But what a season it was!!!

My brother and his family were here from Fort McMurray......and almost everyone else was at our place for about 36 hours.   It was noisy and we were a bit cramped.....but it was so wonderful and so worth all the work.  To have all of us together for the day and then supper was the best early Christmas gift!!!   So rare to have (almost) all the grandkids together.   What a cute bunch, eh???

And this our first Christmas without a grandparent at the annual Fisher gathering.    It's hard to believe I don't have any grandparents alive anymore......and Bea the Great is especially missed.    I was afraid that without having my grandparents retirement home as a meeting place, our gatherings would end too......but thanks to my Aunt Joan, the tradition continues on.   And let's hope that my generation will do the same when our time comes.  I just cannot imagine Christmas Day without them.  

 Well, that's all for now.  more to come about Christmas morning and the kids week at my moms'.   Gotta get all the pictures in order too.