heard uttered on Christmas morning when Monkey Boy opened his Star Wars Snow-walker.    And here I thought Woody would get the biggest fanfare!   And just where on earth did he learn "sic"?  LOL.  anyway, to say he was thrilled I guess would be stating the obvious.   And he was also glad to see Woody and his Super Hero Squad heli-carrier. 

It was a close call for Santa this year though......was probably on the naughty list right up till the end.   I couldn't believe the behaviour and attitude that can from someone so young.  I wouldn't have dared half of what he did before at least 13!   So mommy sent him to his room while the other kids got Santa's snack and put out their stockings.  then a very long heart to heart.....well, as much as you can with a 6 year old.   Actually started out as probably the worst Christmas Eve ever.....and probably my worst day as a mom ( I literally could not stand to look at him at one point....I don't think I've ever been so mad at Anyone; let alone my own flesh and blood.)  But, we had a talk about his behaviour, about Christmas and what it really is about......and that it's not just the presents under the tree, etc. etc.   After a bit,  he really opened up and started to talk about his behaviour.  It was quite amazing to see him articulating his feelings......and quite a relief too.  I reminded him that it was not enough to just say sorry......that there had to be change too.  Thus far into 2011....he seems to be doing pretty good.  For our part we have tried to give him more one on one time with us.   It's easy to forget that he was the one who had us all to himself before his sisters arrived.   And they get to stay home with us, while he has to go to school (he said quite tearfully....broke my heart and just when I wasn't quite ready to like him again. ha)  So......not exactly how you think your Christmas Eve will unfold when you dream of the family gathered around the tree!   Guess we are more the "Roseanne" version....

It was great this year to see Angel Girl......she is 3 1/2 now and finally "gets it" about Christmas morning.   this was the first time she was into tearing the paper off the packages......lost in a cloud of colored tissue and screaming "I'm so happy now, I'm so happy!"   For her it was Barbie galore, but she also soooo wanted this walking dog thing.  What a trial this gift was.  First of all, big shout out to my Uncle Brad who found it in the USA for quite a bit cheaper than the $69.99 RobUsBlind had it.   And apparently the thing barked and panted almost the whole drive home, scared my mom to death when she walked by it at her house AND was a pain in the patooey to wrap because it kept barking and panting every time you moved the package!  (Yep, was a whole lot of howling and panting goin on at my house on Xmas Eve....ha ha...just not the kind You are thinking!)    But of course, it's all worth it in the end to see how excited she was to get it.

As for Zoo Zoo, she was mostly interested in everyone else's gifts.   we just got her a few little things and Santa brought her a broom and dustpan just her size.....so she could stop screaming and trying to take mommy's.  Of course, later that day we caught her in the bathroom stirring the toilet water with it.......just after her sister Used the toiled.  nice.   Again, not how they show it on the holiday cards, is it?
(and for the trivia buffs out there.....yes, her nickname is from"Zoo Zoo's petals" in It's A Wonderful Life)

And mommy got a Bread Maker.   Now in Left Brain's defense, cuz I know U R thinking, "ahh romantic pal".... I did really want one.  And they are too expensive to justify buying one just because.....so it did make a great gift.   And honestly, I can't wait to make some home-made bread!!!  And this one will do just dough and even Jam!   Sad that I am so excited about this.....if the 3 kids and the minivan didn't do it....I AM officially domesticated now.  LOL.

All in all, and despite some less than picture perfect moments....it was a very Merry Christmas.   Mainly because we saw lots of family and friends, and Left Brain actually didn't have to work....a first in our marriage I think.  So all is well that ends' well.
And God Bless Us, Everyone.