Now I know my grandma probably made her bread out of necessity.....there were 11 children to feed afterall, but I think I may be baking a loaf a day just for the smell!    So far they have all turned out pretty good......3 whole wheat, 1 basic white and I have a cinnamon raisin baking as I type.   I must admit it feels pretty good to provide something home-made for your family.  I wonder if Grandma felt like that.......or if she was sooo busy and it was just part of the routine. And I definitely have a bit of my grandpa in me because I have taken to having a slice with Cheese Whiz before bed!!!  (terrible, I bake something so wholesome and healthy and that put fake cheese on  it.  back off.....I don't smoke, rarely have a drink, and barely have time for sex with a 3 children and a home to take care of and Left Brain a shift worker.  gimme one vice!)   

As my home fills with the sweet smell (and as I see the pile of bills to be paid this week... does it really cost that much for lights and water???).....I am dreaming of a return to simpler times.  A slower pace where you have time to just watch the dough rise.   And your children are willing to help because there is no Super Hero Squad to lure them away.    Maybe we won't have the choice if we want to eat soon.  are we just going to end up living out of our tent in the backyard and using the BBQ because the cost to heat and light our home just keeps going up, up, up?    Oh wait.....they apparently put a hazardous material handling cost on filling your BBQ we probably can't afford that anymore either.   guess it's all by open flame.   then again, I kind of like the idea of a big outdoor oven.  All I need is a dog team to pull the kids on the sled......isn't that how the world think of us, eh?

And isn't funny that humanity, with all our brains, guts and glory......will come full circle to living out of a tent, wearing (real) fur, and cooking over fires because we have either used or destroyed all the resources.......or the cost to use them has become too high for most?? 
now, wouldn't that be ironic?
well, there will be fresh bread anyway.   and maybe I will even figure out the jam setting so that life will still have a bit of sweetness.