My house is clean (well, it might not pass white glove....we go for the Illusion of Clean around these parts), the lasagna is baked, and the pitter-patter of little feet became a deafening roar. It can only mean one thing....

Grandma and Grandpa have arrived!

Yep, mom and dad have arrived for a visit. The kids are excited - will be a late night for them probably. I'm excited, because A) of course I love them and miss them, b) it's Help - which I will always take, but mostly C), they are bringing 2 dining room chairs. Now you might laugh, or raise an eyebrow at that....but just sit on one of my current chairs and you'll understand. Especially if you suddenly end up on your butt with some broken chair pieces underneath. just warnin.

There is a special reason for the visit this weekend though. Little Zoo Zoo will have her dedication at our church home this Sunday. She's our little miracle...God's hand was on her from every moment of that pregnancy, and we just have to share that testimony. Think miracles don't happen anymore? Perhaps you're just giving the credit to someone else. It doesn't always have to be something big. That sea doesn't have to part, or locusts to swarm. Sometimes you can miss the forests for the trees.   You have to see with better eyes than the world sees.  She is our "life delivered" and by his Grace, she is with us.

It will be a special day, and I am glad that family will be there to share it.