Lights are on the house, decorations are up....and wonderful because my kids made most of them!, the stockings are hung (actually over the fireplace), the tree is beautiful, the freezer is full of goodies, my floors and bathroom are clean.......I even have the presents wrapped!  and thus far tonight, not a creature is stirring.  especially of the 2 legged, sticky, whiny, pitter-patter kind.   Left Brain and I are about to settle in to watch a movie.  Tron...??  Oh my, what have I agreed to?  Apparently there is a sequel coming out and we have a date night planned in the New Year. must be love.

Don't give me too much credit for all this frenzied activity, or for being so incredibly organized.  I have company coming next week, and I just want to be able to relax with them.  It will be the first time I have seen them in about 2 years, and their first visit to our house.  It will be the first Christmas or blended family will all be together in quite some time.  To say I would like everything perfect is over-reaching I know.   But I just really want it to show how thrilled and happy we are to have everyone here.  I know it doesn't really matter if the house is spotless.....but call me old fashioned.  I think effort shows.  People know when you have put your best foot forward, and when you are just doing enough to fool them.   This is the country darnit!  We go all the way to show you a good welcome!

So now the only real challenge do I entertain everyone for the next 2 weeks?   Monkey Boy is out of school and Angel Girl is very happy to have her playmate back.  Except he just wants to play alone with his Lego.  I'm almost tempted to lie and say it's Christmas Eve and let them open everything so that they have something new to play with!  How sad is that.  Well, they did get new sleds and according to Monkey Boy....they go superfast and it's so hard to go right across the road!  Great.  I birthed a Griswald.  Will have to tell him the story about the boy who flew faster than his Guardian Angel.  

Maybe I just still have enough of a child left in me.....that I can't wait for the big day either.  Except now it's seeing the look on my kids faces when they unwrap that special item they have been anxiously waiting for.  The joy that lights up their eyes.  This is when you truly learn that it is better to give than receive.  And there is nothing better than sharing all that joy with your family.  big or small.   It's amazing now seeing Christmas through your child's eyes.  The awe and wonder, the simple belief in magic......that a snowman can really come to life, and reindeer can fly.   Some Grinch at the mall Santa tried to make me feel bad for "lying" to my children........but screw you Scrooge.  I say let them believe in magic and miracles for a little while longer.