technically, I think we got a type of fir tree....balsalm I believe.... but you get what I mean.  The house already smells great.   And bravo to hubby who secured the tree to our wall shelf ledge so that we don't find Zoo Zoo underneath it one day.   All set to decorate tomorrow.

But what a day.   First, breakfast for everyone, then Colby to swim lessons, than I cooked a lasagna, and some cupcakes for friends who just had a baby.  Then off to the tree farm.  Wagon ride to the fields, choosing just the right tree....draggin ZooZoo behind me in her little sled (which she loves), cut it down, drag it back out and back on the wagon.  Time for some sleddin with the kids.   Then a horse sleigh ride through the fields and over this wonderful covered bridge that goes over a stream.  They had the bridge all lit up and decorated....just beautiful.  Then hot cocoa by a bonfire.   Home again.   Pizza for supper, then I made peanut butter cookies.   Bath and bed for kids --- wait, quick dash to drugstore for baby Tylenol for ZooZoo, who appears to be getting another tooth.   Then bottle for baby and she's off to bed. 

And little Zoo did so great today....didn't fuss once even though she was outside for over 2 hours, and is too little to sled herself.    And even though she is walking, it's a little hard for her to walk in the snow with just her snowsuit -- gotta find her some boots.  But she loved the horse sleigh ride!  And all the dogs running around.  Her cheeks were so rosy when we got home.  Left Brain has a picture on his cell.......with that brain of his hopefully he can figure out how to download it to the computer.

So just hubby and I sitting here......too exhausted to think of anything to do.  But I see It's A Wonderful Life is on TV.  Mom and I always watch it together.   It's been a long time since I wished I had a glass of wine.....and actually been really serious about drinking it.  Oh....look what MIL left behind after dinner one night......Smirnoff Ice.  Okay, so I am not big on drinking (ok, not so much anymore)....and I know many people get very surprised when they see a Christian take a drink, but I don't think there is anything wrong with having half a glass while I cuddle with my baby by the fire.....and our bare, but beautiful tree.