It's been a year!! It's been....a whole year??? WTF? Where did the time go? Where did all this gray come from. Holy's kind of like coming out a thick fog. Incredibly non-sleeping baby has finally started to sleep at least 9 hours a night. Since she is currently trying to feed me her do I tell about the past year...?? No sum up.
Camping -- good. except for the biblical downpour that almost sent us home. Seriously...if animals started arriving in 2's; we were outta dere! But grandma showed up and saved the day! Proving, yet again....that sometimes, no matter how old, you still need your mommy. And all's well that end's well.
Thunder Bay -- kids slept at night while we drove, so that worked out good. and besides some behavioural issues from Monkey Boy (who were ready to HANG in a tree buy the 5th day), it was as usual good times, good company....and really good food (thanks to Grandpa Dean's Weber grill).
School Days Again -- Monkey Boy in Grade 1, which means I am down one child per day. I will try and not somersault around the room with glee. However, Angel Girl misses her playmate very much. Well, then off to Little People's with ya....make some friends. mama needs a coffee. Although seriously, it is good for her to be out and meeting other kids, since she will start JRK next fall. Colby is settling in okay and actually doing really well at school. He can read!! When did that happen?
1st Birthday ---- I didn't do a big party....but as the pic tells, I did a big cake. Hey, if it's the first time you are eating cake....go BIG! LOL. She started walking 2 weeks before her birthday......and so life is even crazier now. does that woman with 19 keep track of them all?
So we have survived the first year of Zoo-Zoo's life......or is it that she survived? No matter....we are all alive and well, and together..... and that's what matters.
Halloween -- a Ninja turtle, a princess, a pink baby jaguar and a hillbilly mama.....what a motley crew we were. And no, you can't see the pic. LOL. But it did raise a very good question.....Do You Have Any idea how much candy comes into the house with 3 trick or treaters???!!! Goodness, I could open my own store. And no, it is not a coincidence that it timed with my starting to run again. If I can get into the grove.....maybe by my 40th.....I might actually look as good as I did at 30 again. Hell.....I'll settle for 35.