So....been awhile again. but not my fault this time. went in for routine ultrasound at 25 weeks, July 30th, only to discover that my cervix was short (2 cm) and with funneling. not sure what that means, but it probably has something to do with the babys' feet dangling down in my cervix a bit. needless to say I was taken to hospital via ambulance as labour seemed imminent. although I had zero cramping, no bleeding, no dilating, no water breaking...nada. just that shortened cervix that freaked everyone out.
So here I am, starting 29 weeks, after 3 straight weeks in hospital on bed rest, out on a weekend pass. weird to be home. chaotic. too much stimulus after weeks of solitude and silence. plus I am out of breath doing the stairs. still no contractions, not even Braxton's, no cramping, no bleeding, no water leaking.......blood pressure steady, baby's heart rate and movement steady. everything stable. but some sore cheeks from steriod shots (for babys' lungs). Hopefully I will make it to 37 weeks. I know I will be in the hospital until at least 32-34 weeks - even with being stable, as the cervix has shortened to a bit under 2 cm. but at least the baby has turned head down for now.
Not likely to be able to update until home for good. just keep us in your prayers - especially hubby who is now Mr Mom, and grandma (my mom) who is pulled from retirement into full time daycare. Keeping the faith and trying to stay strong. Even in a lonely hospital room, I know I am never alone. And this too shall pass.