So it's been awhile again. With my oldest out of school now, it's been outside as much as we can. Also, felt tired again -- but then again, I have been trying to get a lot done during the 2nd trimester when usually you have more energy. So here goes the summary:

Monkey Boy is done school, but taking swim lessons everyday for 2 weeks. He's doing really well. After that, he won't have lessons again until October. Basically, everyday is play day. There went my good intentions of having a bit of "school" time everyday so that he would not forget everything he learned!

Angel Girl is talking, talking, talking. she never shuts up. I am not may be why I am so tired. She is so NOT having her own phone later on. But it is amazing that she went from almost complete silence, to telling big brother off quite effectively! She is also out of her crib & in her "big girl bed". It is beautiful. An Ariel - Little Mermaid toddler bed that I bought used, and also a Disney Princess canopy over it (also used). I decided to re-organize her room for the new baby now. That way she has months to get used to being in her own bed -- and no problems so far surprisingly -- before the baby comes. She loves it.

As for the baby. well into 5th month now & I already feel huge. will be scary at the end. We do have one thing to worry about though. It seems my cervix is a little shorter than they would like to see at this stage. last ultrasound it was 3.1, but they thought I had a contraction which shortened it to 2.5. but then it went back to over 3 again. Normally they would like to see it at 3.5, otherwise they say pre-term labour may be a risk. But my regular OB didn't seem too concerned. I don't have any of the risk factors, and previous pregnancies were overdue --- with big babies. Plus, I don't feel these "contractions". But even still, I have to take it easy. absolutely no lifting, or strenuous exercise. just daily activities. I have another u/s next week and if there is no change (still over 3), then we won't worry anymore. But if it has shortened anymore, than the dreaded "bed rest" has been mentioned.

Well, not that I don't trust doctors, but they can order bed rest all they want ------- the question is, with 2 kids at home, a shift worker husband with no time off available, and no $$$ for a full time babysitter/nanny/ the heck will I do bed rest??? Can't someone come to your house and help you? Oh yes, let's see. Do I know someone who has absolutely no life of their own, no family, job or other responsibilities, that can just come 24/7 to look after me & mine? Just completely give up their life.....for free....for the next 3-4 months? hhhhmmmm. nope - no one comes to mind. Maybe Angelina will temporarily adopt my kids??? Yes, I am sure that my mom could help out as much as possible, but realistically, I would still be on my own somewhat. I mean, do Dr's even consider the practicalities when they say stuff like this? 100 years ago... actually not would not have known that you had a shortened cervix and you would have gone about your pregnancy trusting that all would be well. Sometimes I wonder if all our knowledge is a good thing. I prefer to go on faith.

So that being said. we are off to go camping in a week. Yeah -- should have seen the doctor's face when I mentioned that. but really, I can put my feet up at a campsite before the fire, just as easily as I can at home. hubbie knows he will have to do most of the grunt work. probably actually prefers that. again, faith. And they did mention that technically, with all the advances in neo-natal care, the baby could survive if it arrived. technically speaking. not that I obviously want to test them on this, but isn't it amazing? to think that you could give birth at 24 weeks and the baby survive? I don't know what long term health concerns there may be, but I am still amazed. still, I would feel much better quite a bit on the other side of 30 weeks. My babies are over 10 pounds at birth, so 6-8 weeks early.....I would still probably have a good 6-7 pound baby.

So looking forward to hubbie's holidays in a week. besides the camping trip, just some time at home planned. short day trips maybe. have some family reunions too. no frenzied renovations or anything to be done before this baby. it actually feels quite relaxing some days.......almost.