What is it about watching another person self-destruct that is so fascinating, you just can't look away. Whether it is someone you personally know (been there), or a celebrity (Britney/Lindsay Lohan). Perhaps a small part of us is rooting for them to come back to the light.....but let's face it honestly. It can be darn entertaining too. I mean, Britney -- you shaved your head dude! But at the core, it is just basically sad to watch someone fall apart; especially by their own hand. But how would any of us cope if thrown into the spotlight of fame. Tempting and terrifying. (hello, Robert Pattinson....gosh I hope they don't ruin you. you seem quite genuine.) Or thrust into some extraordinary circumstance. There but for the grace of God??? Do we simply just feel better about ourselves via comparison?

So.....what compelled me to watch Jon & Kate last night? Well, partly I was kind of hoping that they would work it out. go to counselling. whatever. So I wanted to know officially....reserve judgement until then. And now that I know they are divorcing, I just cannot understand why they would not have stopped the show. How can you not put those kids first? They said they began to document the kids' lives. well, what is left to document now? Are those kids really going to want to look back on these episodes 10 years from now and watch their family fall apart.....again? Can this mother really be such a....excuse me but......famewhore? The kids seemed happy enough playing in their new little houses. And how cute were those little playhouse!? $$ Oh yes, I guess that is why the show must go on. But this mother is in for a tough lesson.......no toy is going to replace 2 loving parents. Kids are resilient, this is true. and they will adjust, just like so many others.....just like I did (twice). But there are dark times ahead for sure. And personally, I don't want to watch 8 little kids go through that. So I am pulling the plug on the show.

Now, I have to admit. I don't mind a little harmless gossip. Just a bit of smut let's say. A recent study even suggested it might contribute to why women live longer. It is a way of connecting. sharing. But I absolutely don't like anything meant to hurt. anything destructive -- especially anything that fosters hate or racism. Like Kate said in the previous episode "you never think about the real people on those magazine covers." but she does now, that's for sure. But honey.... I mean, c'mon. who REALLY put you there? And after saying all that.....and crying on camera....you still won't walk away from it. Fame......its' the new drug.

I love that line in the movie The Devils' Advocate where Al Pacino (as the devil) says "vanity. it is definitely my favourite sin".