Okay - yep- been away awhile. Not really a case of writer's block, but rather so much to tell; where to begin???
Well, first of all.....baby #3 due at the end of October 2009. No matter what, we are naming it "oopsadaisey". Had some complications, so we kept it quiet for as long as possible, plus I needed to rest. But now everything seems okay. I even passed my sugar test this time (I failed it at 8 weeks with Angel Girl!). So exciting, but anxious too. I mean, 2 almost put me in the nuthouse somedays. Will I be able to handle 3? And where is this one going to sleep? Life is about to get very interesting......
Surprise, surprise. everyone has a cold. gee-whiz, right? just constant this year. As soon as one person in the house gets one......they take everyone else with them. And with how tired I have been, it hasn't helped getting not-so-good sleep at night. This past long weekend was rainy and cold. It feels like the warm weather will never get here. The May long weekend is usually when I do my flower garden. Well, there I was...out in the rain and thunder, and the muck. Ha. It actually felt kinda fun. But hopefully the warmth will arrive soon.
Angel Girl turned 2 and we had a little party. She wanted a Cars cake. Whatsa mom to do? But most of her gifts were Disney princess ---- which she also likes. Looks like I have a tomboy on my hands. But the terribles' have also arrived. It's a good thing she is so cute!

I am hoping that my energy will return with the sun. I can fall asleep at the oddest times during the day......but not fall asleep at night. Frustrating. And I have so much work to do because I got rid of Everything. No maternity clothes. No baby clothes. No high chair, exersaucer, swing, bottles, breast pump, Snugli. Toys....got enough of those to sink a ship. And thankfully we still have the rear facing car seat. Besides the clothes and the high chair......I don't think I will even bother with the other bells and whistles. I found my other 2 kinds only enjoyed the swing or exersaucer for a brief time. As soon as they can move - either crawling or walking (of which all of mine have by 10 mos.), they don't like to be tied down. This time I will find out what the sex is so that I can prepare. I don't want to have to rush out when recovering from a C section to buy pink or blue. Or worse, trust hubby to do it. I am sure time will be at a premium once this one arrives, so I want to Really be prepared.
I may even cook and freeze meals ahead of time. Wow.....wouldn't that be miraculous since I barely have time to get daily meals done now.
So life continues on......and will get very interesting and busy soon enough. But I won't let such a long time go by between postings this time.