Making the decision to put your career on hold to stay home with the kids was a difficult one. On one hand, I definitely wanted to. With my husband's wicked shift schedule, I thought it important that the kids had one parent with a consisent schedule. One who would be there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath and bedtime. And of course, you don't want to miss a thing!! On the other hand, besides going crazy somedays for adult convo, seriously hampering my shoe shopping tendencies, etc. etc., one wonders if you can actually DO it. And most importantly, what about that day when it is time to go back to work. Especially if you have been gone 4-5 years like myself. Will I still even have a career? How will I fit in when I have been "out of the loop" for so long.

But then something happens, like today, that just reaffirms everything in your mind. Something simple, that maybe a lot of working moms may get to do everyday, but with an hour plus commute when I work, I would never have. Putting my son on the bus in the morning, but even greater pleasure, being there when he arrives home. Everday he asks me, "mom, will you be there at the bus stop when I get home?". And the smile that lights up his face when he steps off the bus and sees me standing there. He runs to me "mommy, I missed you" and gives me a big hug. Everyday. Since September. It is now almost June. But today it really hit me how important this one thing is to him. So simple to us. But the world to him.

Oh Lord, help us busy mom's propelling ourselves into an early grave, or very least, the psych ward, with trying everything under the sun to make our kids happy....... that all they really need is US. To know that we are there for them even in the smallest ways. And help us remember in our busy days that there is always time for little hugs.