Current mood: sooooo tired! last time I was this tired......well, don't go there
Current song stuck in my head: too tired to even sing in my head

Fall back is soooo much better than Spring Ahead! It's just an teeny hour, but I am sooo tired today. Then again, Monkey Boy woke me up 3 times in the night! So much for all that fresh air they got yesterday. Although Angel Girl was out like a light.

We were back outside today after Church and lunch. Long walk.....but since we pulled them in the wagon......well yeah dummy......of course you're tired. As I type, I can still hear Angel Girl moving around and chattering to herself. Will be a long day tomorrow.

Hubbie is out with some of the neighbourhood men. He is up 4 to 1 on the nights out now. Plus, he gets to leave the house to go to work. He doesn't think that counts.....but believe me. Anytime you get to socialize with other adults --- in anyway --- I don't care if they are so dumb you'd have to water counts!
Now, don't get me wrong, it is a huge blessing to be home with your kids. And I am so blessed when I think of the 6 weeks total my mom received. BUT you don't really get much of a chance to be a blessing to someone else if you are stuck in the home all day. (see, even though I yawned, I was listening to the sermon today.) I guess that will be my personal (and spiritual) challenge for 2009. To find new ways of getting involved in our little community. When you are a Stay At Home Mom -- it's too easy to become isolated and involved in your own little world. You can lose perspective. And I want to see with better eyes than that. And who wants to walk alone anyway?