current mood: uugghh!
song stuck in my head: Stuck in the Middle With You
It's a good thing they are cute!

So I am attempting to do a morning update and drink my coffee, but my my 2 kids keep trying to climb onto my lap. They are addicted to You Tube movie clips, Disney Princess, funny cats, that little sneezing panda. My son is starting to learn computers in his JrK., so I don't mind him using it. But anything in this house ever going to be "mine" again? Let's see how good hubbie's distraction skills are.....

File Under Why Why Why:
- when can I use the bathroom again without 2 kids and the cat following me in. They don't follow my husband in there......hhhmmm?
- food on mom and dads' plate must be eaten because it Must taste good......put it on their supper plate. no way
- why do they ignore me until they can see I am clearly busy?

It is going to be one of those days. I am heading for the shower, and then I think we all need out of the house. Cabin fever must be settting in......

Either because I love them, or to save my sanity: