taken from one of Monkey's Thomas the Train stories. The wind is howling out here. Blew the van all over the road on the way home from my brother-in-laws (fantastic dinner!), and the kids playhouse in the backyard was blown over. Hopefully we won't lose any shingles! But no rain at least.

On a sad note: caught up on world news: 2 mass shootings today: Germany and Alabama. An 18 month old child was killed in Alabama. 4 month old sibling wounded. And the world will use this as another reason to point a finger and say smugly "Where is God?"

Excuse me. didn't you ask Him to get out of your homes, your schools, your political arenas.......but now, today when tragedy strikes, you blame it on the "absent landlord." God didn't put the guns in those mens' hands.....the world did. The world wants its "worldly" things. loves, frolics, rejoices in these things. But also wants God to stop any evil act that would remind us all that glitters is not gold. You want to dance with the devil......and blame God when your toes are stepped upon. Well, you cannot invite the Devil in for a play-date, and then ask him to behave. He is no gentleman. He wants nothing more to cause you pain, steal your joy, and leave you empty. But most of all, he would love to convince the world that he doesn't exist. He'd rather you believe that God has abandoned you. or that you are just bad. Here -- this will make you feel better --- eat it, touch it, buy it, drink it, pop it, shoot it. But ya never feel better -- there's just always more crap way down inside, ya know? And the circle goes on and on....tragedy strikes. And where is God?

Well, where He has always been. Waiting. Patiently waiting...for you. The offer is already there.....has always been there. Even when you were at your worst, your lowest .... love was still there; just waiting for you to accept it. The ball is in your court. See, HE IS a gentleman, and He won't come in until you invite Him. He will not make you. No tricks, no bribes, no shiny tempting things. That is the beauty of free will. That is love. forgiveness. mercy.

You see, I hear about these things and I don't ask where God was. Nay, nay, wrong question. Where was everyone else? nobody saw this person's pain? nobody saw that something was wrong? Or, did somebody know/see.....and turn away. Because the real truth is, God didn't let these individuals down. We did. Love one another...do unto one another.....the least you do for my brother....... It's such a simple request. but we have failed. globally. Until the winds of compassion sweep across this earth.....a global change of heart.....of turning away from the things that would destroy us, and towards that would make us whole: I cannot see any change in the wind. Because we have already proven that we cannot save ourselves. Only the One that created us for a better purpose can do that now. As for me, I just gotta have faith that I live long enough to be able to say that title line again....but with new meaning.