Well I am thoroughly buried immersed in the Tween Years.
I had to create a new tag, just for this post. 

You know you've reached that "Tween" point when your daughter's voice makes even the neighbors dog leave the yard with his tail  between his legs.     Every. Single. Thing. In. The. Universe. Is. BIG!  

And your eldest, the boy, spends more time in his room, than with the family.   Unless there is a good aroma drifting from the kitchen.  Because I assure you that nice smell is not coming from his room.

Their too old for their toys.   At least the cheap toys.    Their rising interest in "play things" is directly related to the rising cost of said item.     
Conversations do get interesting though.   As they begin to understand more and more about the world.   You and your hubby cannot toss around risque jokes anymore - THEY KNOW about S-E-X.    
Also, it is probably rather disconcerting to see their father grab their mother's ass in the kitchen.    And the hallway.    

If your very lucky, they will come to you with the HEAVY stuff.   This is where all those years of listening intently, while java propped your eyelids open; begins to pay off.     I know more public school gossip than I do about Brangelina.     

Which is kinda how it should be.
Also, it must be noted: I am extremely proud of Monkey Boy, freshly 12 years of age, who has diligently saved for the past year and half to buy the latest XBox version.    The boy gave up pizza lunches people!!  This is serious.

Yes, I know there will be a brand new version of said XBox exactly 2 weeks after he buys this one. 

Gee, it's like you're almost in adult world son!  

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete.  Ellen of 15andmeowingprovides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts! Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 21: September 30, 2016

1. Bust a Move!

Me at a party.


Yep, pretty  much feel like dancing these days.   It's the cooler air.    
Or I'm going crazy.
But that might be fun too.

2. My favorite magazine is .... hmmm, I don't really read magazine because of all All The Blogs.   But I did use to read Home and Garden quite a bit.   Maybe I will buy one today for old times sake.

  I find it interesting that my Google search for "mom reading magazine" mostly returned photos of a mom reading a magazine.... with kids all over her. 

Who says the Internet lies.   I see no lie.

3. Recently, I bought a pair of hiking shoes and imma gonna hit the trails for a different kind of workout.   Fall is here and pretty soon it will be Winter.  So I am soaking up as much nice weather as I can, before being stuck indoors.   (with the tweens) .

  Me in the woods.

 4. Even though I am extremely busy these days, I feel very fulfilled and content.

 Secret of life right there.
Unless you got tweens.   
 Then the secret is "yes we need more milk, bread, juice, granola bars..... just buy All The Food."

The second secret is: they will open up and talk about a lot of things important to them over a good meal/snack, at the dinner table.   You need to pay attention to these little talk, because remember:  Everything.Is.Big.

Off to plan MonkeyBoys party. 
For those in the know:   how much food exactly will four 12 year old boys consume in 36 hours?   
I don't know how many of you have seen Canadian money, but we have this coin called a "Toonie."   It's currency value is two dollars.

It's named after our most common lake bird the Loon.    There is hardly a lake up here in Northern Ontario that does not have several of these birds, and there is nothing better than sitting lakeside with a bonfire, and listening to call the of loons as the sun goes down.

Especially if you have such a gorgeous viewing window:

I included that sunset photo to give some vantage point idea.
That is my seat, where I am ever camera ready!   The loons are on that other side of the lake, by the tree line.

To say it was testing the limits of my zoom lens is an understatement.   But I wanted to give you an idea of just how big these birds are.

So Disclaimer:  the photos that follow are definitely NOT professional caliber, but it's what I got.   Loons can dive under the water in a flash and stay submerged for up to about 10 minutes if they feel threatened.  Also, they are super fast swimmers, so they are not going to surface where you last spotted them.

Moral of the story:  take the shot you can get, when you can get it!!

There's nothing more thrilling and haunting then hearing the call of the loon over the water.


I was lucky enough to see it's mate arrive!

There you go!  Not the greatest shots ever captured, but definitely worth more than two bucks!

I feel I must leave you with another lake sunset shot just to prove my photo ninja worth.

Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

Good grief, I tell you - sometimes I feel like good ole Snoopy up there and want to dive straight into my coffee cup!    Like it's not enough to have caffeine jolting through my veins, I need to IMMERSE meself in it's rich, java goodness.

Ya feel me?
That's how I know it's the first month of back to school.   Nothing says tired like I gotta get up, again, and make 3 lunches, again, and walk to the bus, again like September!

Before we get to today's topic, because I promise you: I AM on totally on topic, a few reminders about the Coffee Chat.

1) You do not always have to follow the chat prompt.   Random exists every where else in my life; so why not here?  If you got something to share, rant or intrigue us with: Do Tell!

2)  Last week, I forgot to also mention the other awesome Randomness that happens on Tuesdays, and where you can also find me, because sometimes I just need to talk more, amiright?:   Stacey Uncorked! 

Stacy Uncorked

Sometimes I will probably most likely sure to forget to include her lovely button (wine version!) in my Chat post, so you should probably just bookmark her blog now so that you can join us.

3)  Previously, I had left the Chat linky open until the following Monday, but since not many actually link up after the Tuesday, I will only leave it open until end of the week Friday now.  Because honestly, how many come back to check after the weekend to see if there are any additional link ups?  Right.

Okay, business at hand completed, pass the Lemon Poppyseed Loaf and on with this week's topic.
Someone brought Lemon Poppyseed bread, right?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Which is more the "new year" for you:  
January or September?

The thought occurred to  me after I picked this chat topic, that the above question may only apply to those of us who still have children in school.   Those of you who have to work all through the summer, with only a short vacation time prior to back to the office may not relate to all the craziness that can arrive with September.

The bank breaking oh good lord how many pencils do they really need?!!!  craziness.
September costs more money than Christmas. 

Same with those of you who are in your retirement years - is it more of just the same but in warmer, cozier clothes?

I don't know.
And that's my prevailing thought during September.

Where are my blue jeans?
I don't know.

Where is my agenda - you have to sign it so I can return to my teacher?!
I don't know.

Where is my lunch kit?
That I do know.  Because I wash it every night and put it back in the cupboard until the next morning.

Where is my thermos?
Now, that I do NOT know because it rarely returns home attached to the above mentioned lunch kit.   Check your bag.

And that is my standard prevailing reply.    
*child asks seeking for lost item question in shrill voice*
Check your closet - jeans are supposed to be hung up.
Check your homework bin - that's where all the papers go.
Check your backpack - your newly filled lunch kit is already there.  You're welcome.  Eat the #$#Y@# carrots today.

And P.S  I found your still dirty thermos in your backpack where it spent the night with ....Oh Look -- more papers for me to sign.  And, is this homework?

Hello September, we'd like to establish a few rules again before we proceed.

New clothes. New shoes.  New boots.  New winter gear (shoot! I have to go into the scary place under the stairs and go through the winter gear)!   New school supplies.   Everything old becomes new again.
Well, except for you ZooZoo - you get Angel Girls hand me downs.  Sorry about that.   Not really.    Your clothed - many are not.

New programs and activities. 
I do try to keep it to ONE activity per week for all the kids.   But with 3 kids, that is still often 3 different nights out of the house taxiing someone, somewhere.

Girl Guides begins again, and even though I lost my own group, I am going to help out another group so...... Here We Go Again.  I promise to do my best.

My community service commences again at the Community Shelter.
My workouts?   Perhaps time to step it up a notch after all those summer smores.

And here we are today.... chatting.
That is, if you are still here and have not run away to take a nap.   Which is what I would really like to do.

September is my January.
After the carefree sunny days of the summer (even though we are busy then too) it is back to the routine and daily grind.  It's familiar, yet different.   Little changes throw us for a loop, but we examine and regain our footing.  And the road goes ever on.

What's January?   Blah, just another month in the school year.  There's no New Year's party for us often.  Left Brain is usually working.    It's just another month after the Christmas holidays where we will do the same things we did before the Christmas holidays.

Just in warmer clothes.

But September; that's the new beginning.   At least for my children.   Another chance to make new friends.  Set new goals.  Get to bed earlier.  (that's in case any of them are reading this).

And while I do not like to suggest the idea that I am only living through my children's lives, the simple truth of the matter is:  they are taking me along for the ride.   I can't lie -- it's a bumpy and beautiful road.   Lots of twists and turns, but many familiar sights also dot the sidelines.

It's okay - I got snacks.
I restock every September.

One of the best things about September, is just like we say good to an old year, we say good-bye to summer with a season end bonfire. 
New, old, renewed:  some traditions really ought to be kept.

Next Week:  Fall Asesthetic -  What gets you in the mood for the Fall Season?   Pumpkin Spice?  Wool sweaters and knee high boots?  Candy Corn?   Let's all get cozy with warm thoughts as we head into Autumn.

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