When I was on my recent getaway,  Mother Nature decided to send a late season blizzard to wreak havoc with my photography plans.

Well nice try Mother Nature, but I still think I won.

Thanks to the falls located nearby which proved a very chilly setting.
Like I mean it was FREAKING cold out folks.  I had about 5 minutes before the camera stopped working.

But it's so beautiful in it's own frozen way.  

Just look at that ice that has formed.   All the trees nearby are just coated in thick ice.  I really didn't do it justice.  It's truly like a frozen wonderland. 

Good Morning and  welcome to Coffee Chat!
And it truly is morning - like almost 2 am Tuesday morning because guess who is still on March Break time and almost forgot her own chat!!

I'm raising my hand in case you were wondering.
Someone room deliver fresh pressed coffee to me stat!

Like I said, still on March Break pampering I guess.
Because that was how I rolled while warm and cozy in that bed and breakfast, while out my window was....  well, see if you can see?!

Yeah, it's just a lot of white stuff.  Icy, blowing and cold white stuff.  Still.
It's the Forever Winter my friends.    Or what we like to call it,  Canada.

Having a few things you love to see you through the season of ice and winds is a very good thing indeed.

Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

What is your favourite indulgence?

Oh, that is probably a tough one to narrow down for most of us.

I don't know about you, but I can think about more than a few and am hard pressed to choose just one favourite.

I do like my coffee bedside.
And sometimes actually on the bed.

A soft warm blanket and catching up on the latest TV show I've fallen behind in?
Pure luxury.

Or a cozy spot to journal the day away is not bad either.

Bubbles baths are a cheap indulgence, and I might have a lovely shot depicting that also, except I am the girl who forgets her own chat post... and just happens to pick the one room in the Inn that does not have a bath tub.

But I can tell you that waterfall shower heads are very, very nice.

Having your animal muse just outside your window while you are writing is rather nice too.

Definitely helps set the mood and if you are really lucky you will be able to write 5 Chapters of one story, and 7 of another in 2 days.

Indulgence indeed.

Breakfast made every morning is nothing to turn your nose up of course.  Especially French Toast with real fresh maple syrup because it is that time of year in Canada.   There's nothing like a good breakfast to start your day off right.
Mine is usually a cup of coffee.
Fine, three.
So yes, I indulged a little.   The Inn gave me an entire carafe with my French Toast and if that is not pure straight up Love in Action, I don't know what is.

Yes, that is actually my breakfast the Inn posted on their Instagram.
At least my breakfast is famous.

So you can see how it's hard to pick just ONE thing as a favourite indulgence.   Normally i have music playing, and I actually did not turn my iPod on once the entire trip.  The only time I heard any was in the Irish Pub where I enjoyed a very taste pulled pork sandwich and a stout ale.   Now that I could over indulge on easily!

I am going to have to conclude that indulgences are simple those things that are not just You.... but the better you.
The little extra things that come along every now and then, or often if we are really blessed, to remind you:

Hey - you're worth it!!
Go on and enjoy life a little.   Make some memories to carry you over the harder days when all life is going to give you is a cup of cold coffee and some stale toast.

What would you choose as your indulgence?

Next Week:  What is your go to Confidence Booster?

I just returned from my brief mama vacation!  
A snowstorm interrupted my photography opportunities considerably, but I may have some decent shots when I get a chance to preview.

For now, how I spent the snowy evening, tucked into the cozy bed and breakfast Almonte Riverside Inn, while the flurries flew.

The view really is spectacular during the day.  A sunny day preferably.   
Sadly what you cannot see in this shot is all the sleeping geese down at the shore.
And thankfully they DO sleep, because they make quite the racket during the day! 

Now Left Brain and I are off for an actual date night with some other parents seeking escape from all their respective minions this week!   

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