Happy Saturday.
I'm still sitting with the shivers and now a wee bit of a cough/sore throat.    It's not too awful, but I do feel incredibly tired.  

I am choosing the mantra:  my body's immune system is working the way it is supposed to.
While doing a soothing yoga class designed to help our immune system.

That is basically the truth.
It also works really great if you repeat it after you swallow two Dayquils and chug some Ginger Ale.

I'm also a firm believer in hedging my bets.  😉

As it's Art Saturday and I am sitting in bed drinking tea because for once luck is on my side when I am sick and Left Brain is home and can wrangle the children --- I've been going through a lot of my poems and photography.  

I have a lot of poetry and images on my computer y'all. 
I may have to be sick for a few days.  

So much art to sort through, that I had to take a break and started another fan fiction story.   Because IDEAS people.
When they hit - you just go with it.
Also, my first story about Alfie Solomons from The Peaky Blinders received so much positive attention, that readers requested another story.

I will of course remember you all when I am discovered and become a best seller.

Anyway, back to the original point.... as I am pretty sure this was going somewhere, but alas, Dayquil!   

I have toyed with the idea of doing a book that combines my poetry and my photography.   Which translated means,  I really really really pretty please want to do this, but I have no freakin clue how to actually make it happen

While I search for suitable software, instead of simply tossing them into a Word document with horrible formatting I thought the first step would be to select some of the poems I'd like to include.   Then match the poem with an appropriate photograph. 

Seems simple enough, right?

Until you realize you have hundreds of poems ranging in genre from sweet nature haiku's, or tender moments about your children, to dark musings from who knows where, and then ones that make liberal use of naughty words.    That's an eclectic poetry book!

Let's not even tackle the over 3,000 images on my computer in various files. 
I'm at my  Dayquil daily dosage limit at the moment.

However, in order to succeed at this Artful Living thing, which to most in my life really just means that I should seek to find a suitable manner of actually compensating the amount of time I spend creating.   You know, turn my Art into some tangible form of recompense.    Yeah, they mean Art has to bought and sold to justify it's right to existence. 

No. Categorical.  No.

I mean, if I made a book and you wanted to buy it, I wouldn't stop you -- that's just crazy talk.  
More importantly, Art is to be SHARED. 

In that spirit, I will show one poem and the images that I actually set up the scene and shot myself, with a little help from Angel Girl concerning the perfect petal placement.
(she's a writer too.)

(images were captured with iPhone camera and edited using Pro Cam app)

The poem.

In the bedroom I have found too many flowers. 
Petals on my pillows. Another dropped on the floor; trampled underfoot.
There are too many flowers. 
The air is thick with their heavy scent; cloying in the corners. 
Roses. And you; mingled. 
While I hung there, with shallow breath. 
Like so many petals - I have fallen to pieces 

 Personally, I like the shot above, and the close up of the petals on the floor the best.   Visually the fit the theme of the poem, but they also just look the best to my eye. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen such poetic interlude posts already, as I have been experimenting.   Or that my posts have often included some musings along with the image.    It's all apart  of this new shift in thinking to try and work my creative self into All The Spaces. 

It sounds like it might be akin to feeling trapped, but it's actually quite freeing. 

Although, it does occur to me now, it might just be easier to print out my Instagram.
Is there an App for that?

How do you find new ways to express your creative self?
Happy Friday.

Yeah, that.
Also, shiver shiver now I'm hot now I'm cold again.   Ugh.

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But you know what?   I'm not letting it get me down.    I'm gonna drink some tea to ease my throat and then I'm going to sweat it all out to some Zumba.

Or, make more tea and snuggle down in bed with some reading.
Either or is good.

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowingprovides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts! 
Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 37: January 20, 2017


1.    Seeing my kids watch reruns of Scooby Doo, Where Are You?  makes me feel old.   

It's also quite awesome.   Like literally was this not every episode?

2.  Doing my daily Yoga makes me feel young.     

Every day my body gets more flexible, stronger and I discover new things (positions) that I can do.   It's not about getting skinny, it's about being the best version of you.       Again, it's ddiscarding those ageist ideas that you cannot do something because you are a certain age.    Or a certain weight.    Sometimes you just gotta start, and maybe you will surprise one day too. 

But it definitely helps all the cricks and groans to stay limber though. 

3. I have so many books to read right now, I don't know where to begin!     It's not a bad problem to have, it's just life is pretty busy right now and I am still staying in a writing mode.    

First world problems, I know.   

4.  LOVE  is   the answer!

I'm telling you right now world, it's the ONLY way.   You need to love through the hard times.    And that just might mean you have to let go of your prejudice, your anger, your hate and your unwillingness to forgive when required.     Maybe you need to whisper, instead of screaming your voice over all the other voices.    Maybe you need to look deep inside and realize that you respond out of irrational fears.    Let that baggage go! 

Perhaps if you approached every human you meet as though you wanted to leave an impression on their HEART, instead of trying to change their mind to your point of view; we might take wiser steps with one another.   We might be open to see and hear them.   We might find it easier to love them too. 

Now I am going to have a nice hot soak to chase this cold away, and bring one of those books I need to start reading.     Hopefully your day will finish with some peace and quiet too. 

Have a good weekend everyone!
And remember, be excellent to one another 😍
I have always kept a writing journal to record my thoughts and story ideas.   Little random bits of poetic inspiration and full blown actual poetic musings.

Sometimes I even get a little help.  

Normally I don't do any kind of sketching.  But lately I've been thinking the pages sometimes feel like they are wanting, or needing a little something extra.

Except, I cannot really draw.  Doodle perhaps, not but draw like some of more talented blogger friends like Claudia at ImagesbyCW. (who you should definitely check out.)

Then one day I just decided, who cares?   If I want to doodle or sketch in my own private journal that no one ever sees --- what on earth is stopping you girl?!

So it began.


Clearly these were never intended to translate into stunning photography.   They are just a little something extra for me.   Another way to be creative in this oppressive and dusty world.
I am sharing them with you to encourage you also to break out of any restraints that are binding your creative yourselves, and live the creative life you want.

There is Art inside all of us!

This one is an attempt at actual drawing, as I composed it from several various inspirations into one image.   I rather like this one!    It's got a very rustic, natural feel that echoes the Native Art I so love.

How are you finding new ways to live an Artful Life?
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