Why do we love Inspirational Quotes so much?

Aside from cute animals, kids falling down (which granted, always gets me in the laugh feels), and nom nom nom recipes, quotes are the biggest shares on social media.

 I was challenged by my good friend McGuffy over at McGuffy's Reader, to take the Quote Challenge.    Since I love a good quote, and especially one that she shared, I want to say a big Thank You for this challenge.  

I wanted to delve into this whole Quote Craze I think most of us enjoy, in addition to sharing some of my favourites. 

What is it about a quote that has us hitting the "Like" and "Retweet" buttons so fast, we are in danger of a wrist injury?  
I guess that depends on what the particular quote means to us.

I don't know about you, but when I read/hear a particular good quote, the thing which resonates the strongest, is:  does it move me?
Now, I don't just mean All The Feels.   Although, not gonna lie, those are nice.
No, I mean does it actually MOVE me.

As in from Apathy... to Possibility.

See there is Inspiration, which YES - gimme more of that.   Sprinkle it like Fairy Dust over the entire world please.   But also, Motivation.  
I don't want to just be moved to emoting like big ole sap.  I want to actually be awakened to something.    A really good quote should transcend us out of our basic life, and give us a new Vision.    Suddenly, we are opened to possibility, and that new awareness leads to some kind of action.

Maybe we change our lives dramatically.  Maybe it's just a tiny shift.   It's more than just a changing from negative to a positive outlook.   It's not just a new moment of happiness or excitement; such feelings are fleeting.   True inspiration is deeper, and lasting.  Something needs to happen within you, where a new and improved You emerges.

You know what else?   Why Inspiration matters?
An inspired life leads to Creativity.
Yeah, I like that one too.    And if you consider yourself a writer, you should like it too.

Do you ever People Watch?
I don't mean like, peep through windows after midnight.    Um no - don't do that.
I refer to just going to a crowded place, a mall for example, and sit and watch the people passing by.   What do you see?
Whatever you see, I can guarantee you that in studying human behaviour, you will no doubt end up inspired by humanity in some way.
Does everybody have a story inside?  Yes they do.
So why is that man smiling while reading that letter?   Why does he look up and away, and twist the ring on his finger every now and then?
If you're a writer, you will want to answer those questions, and unlock that story.

So really, Inspiration actually helps us understand one another.  
Is it a flower you are gazing at?    Then it helps you understand Nature too.

The whole World is out there, just waiting for us to not only give it Meaning, but also to become our Mission.

(oh, there's that M word again!

First, the quote that started it all.
Perhaps this is the single best explanation for why I like Super Hero stories, and why Captain America is in my opinion: the best one of all.

the original comic page:

If my memory recalls correctly, I believe that was Steve "Captain America" Rogers advice to a young Peter Parker:  Spider-Man.   And I think it is a most relevant and timely quote.

The other great thing about so many quotes, is that they serve as gentle reminders to us.   A little nudge that can lift us out of some negative or self absorbed thinking.   On my journey toward Mindfulness, I have found the single best thing I can do, is to walk in Gratitude.
And yeah, because I have the greedy heart of a human, I need reminders.  Daily.

This one helps to remind me to get my head out of the past, and to stop running ahead into the future; since I can change neither.   All I have; is the Now.    And the moment we realize how special that moment in time is, I believe is when we find true contentment.

Did you notice that I loved those two quotes so much, that I put them on my own Photography?
Yeah, that makes me happy indeed.   Inspired.
And because we are talking about more than just Emoting here:  I did something.

I mounted them on canvas and put them on my wall.

Yes, I am that stupid, need it repeated several times daily so it will sink into my thick and Ego centered head human. 

Also, when you enter my home, you see it too.
Because when you find something good, something pure, something that Moves... you should pass it on.

The rules are of this Quote Challenge are:
*Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  You are one of the biggest inspirations in my life McGuffy.   Your heart is so big and so pure, and we need more like you in this World.  Much love. xx

*Post three of your favorite quotes.

*Nominate 3 bloggers and challenge them.
I now challenge these three bloggers to share quotes that speak to them:
Claudia at ImagesbyCW because I am willing to bet we will get both an inspiring quote and original photography.

Cathy at Curious as a Cathy - who has always has some great wisdom that she is so kind to share with a loving heart, gentle spirit, and such a great sense of humour! 

Janice at Gathering Graces - who I often feel shares the same mama's heart as I, of walking in Faith, Grace, but the Greatest of These is Love ... and knowing the importance of a good pass on a volleyball court.   It's in the LEGS; not the arms!  :)

Looking forward to seeing what you all share, but as we all know, Life is often busy; so no pressure!

Feel free to leave your favourite quote in the comments!

P.S.  If anyone is interested, the service I used to mount my photography on canvas is called PosterJack.  It was super easy to do --- just 3 easy steps!   I was not compensated in any way for this recommendation: I am simply sharing. 
Some more of my shots from the recent lunar eclipse.
This time, the tail end of the eclipse showing the opposite side of the moon in shadow.

(click any image to enlarge)

From the darkest of night, to the brightest blooms of day.
I was thrilled to find this still beautiful bounty of Fall blooms on a recent walk with my mom.
More about that gorgeous little town in a later post.

All together, it feels like it's been a rather magical week!

Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!
There is a new crisp, chill to the air, and after spending an entire day last week being all photo ninja-ish amongst the Fall foliage; I am actually okay now with saying Goodbye Summer.

Still not mentioning that S-word.

I am sitting in a McDonald's cozy cafe as I write this post.    Pumpkin spice in my cup.
Although, there is no cute happy face adorning my whip cream.
I plan to write a strongly worded letter. 

Actually, I have no whip cream.  Since I am eating a cookie.   And I prefer real whip cream.
Again, drafting a letter in my head.

This is something I rarely do.  Alone.   Since I have a perfectly good coffee machine at home, and a perfectly good table.  Or comfy couch.   However, in keeping with this week's chat theme; I thought I should do something I often imagine doing -- but never actually make happen.

There are other people typing away on their laptops here.
I think I've found my people.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 6th/15 
Tell us about something you have never done, 
but would like to do now.  
What was holding you back?

Also, there is French here.   As le language.
I am very close to the Quebec border in my hometown, and we have quite a large Francophone (official Canadian term) residing here.   Although, basically all of us parlez le language.
Don't repeat that to a French person.   That's not exactly Proper French.

Thus I am pretending I am actually on a Parisian Cafe sipping a latte and having intellectual conversation.
Fine, it's wine in my version, but still.... Le Talk!

Or maybe I am people watching.  Or reading romantic poetry.   Perhaps sketching one of the beautiful scenes before me.    Something.  Anything.
That's not here.

Wanderlust.   That's my temptation.   I've always wanted to travel.  To seek adventure.
Foolish me thought that might calm down a bit when I committed to the domestic keep, but no; it's still there.   Just bubbling under the surface.
Don't get me wrong!
Of course I love my home and family.  I will not ever regret the decision I made.
But....still it lingers.
That urge to roam.  To run free.   To taste the experience of another world.  Another life.

Even though, yes I know, deep down, I don't have to travel beyond my own backyard to find contentment.

I used to dream and imagine of white water rafting adventures.   African safaris.  Surfing in Cali.   Exploring the Australian Outback on horseback.   Climbing mountains.   (ok, the small ones tho right?).   Pina coladas on tropical beaches.

And I was on my way!!  Once upon a time.   I climbed Whistler Mountain.  I baked myself red on exotic beaches, explored Mayan ruins, Jamaican jerk chicken places, and Cuban homes.   Dipped in my toes in several different oceans.  Climbed lighthouses.    I danced in clubs I probably should not have been in.   Sampled too much rum.   Heck, I even smoked a cigar. (not recommended unless it's the really really good ones.)

The only thing that held me back was money and sufficient vacation time.
But I managed at least one trip per year.

Then the dream changed.  And that's okay.
Money is still an issue.    Unless someone feels the urge to sponsor my trek to Base Camp.   Anyone?   Hello?
Time, an even bigger factor.

But still I dream.   And the dream has changed too.
It's not enough to simply want to explore.  To find adventure.   To immerse oneself in another time and place.   Now -- I want to make a difference.    I want to be a helper in those places where it seems no one cares.   No one SEES.    The places the world thinks God has forgotten.  Abandoned.   I want to show them that there are still those who seek goodness and peace. 

The Jamaicans crowded in shacks in the ditches of lane ways leading to the mansions of the rich.   Wealthy people who reside in that luxury maybe once or twice a year.   While the people who clean it live in their ditches.   Who will see them?

African children playing soccer in dirty bare feet and empty bellies.   While some rich business man pays a fortune to have the head of a precious animal upon his man-cave wall back home, so he can brag and click beers with his Bros.   Who will feed those children?  Clothe them?

Those are the places that have been calling to me of late.  Filling my mind... but mostly they are lodged in my heart.    It no longer feels like "trip" is enough; now, it's a Mission.

Again, time and money would hold me back.   Well, and possibly a willing and very patient babysitter.    Thus, neither kind of journey seems to be a possibility for me right now.   But I feel the call.   That old wanderlust mixed with something new.  Something deeper.

Maybe there is a bit of fear too.
Because Me??   What could I do?

So, perhaps my own backyard will never be quite enough to satisfy that restless urge within me.   But the real difference in me, is that now I know it's not just my own backyard.   It's the whole world - it's all of us.   We are all connected.

Perhaps I can find no peace in my own space now, because I hear the global groanings.
There's something blowing in the wind.   A change is gonna come.  I could watch from my safe and comfy distance.
I could write a nice letter.

But I rather think this is one of those times in life, when action speaks louder than words.
So what is holding me back?
I don't know.  I guess I am waiting for sign.  An open door.
But there is one thing I am fairly certain is true:  when such a call comes upon your heart... that knock knock knock of "you are more than this"..... opportunity is not often far behind.

Would you be ready?

NEXT WEEK - How have you changed in the last year?

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