Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

Also, Hello my name is Leslie and sometimes I get so absorbed in a good story that I forget time, place,  basic hygiene.... and my own coffee chat.

I mean, have you ever become soooo invested in a story that you alternated between joy, happy, furious and then back to joy again?    The main character does something stupid and you literally yell at the book, or your screen if you are Kindle app user like me?   Normally I throw the book across the room when a character does something stupid and frustrates me... thank goodness my sense prevailed or I would be shopping for a new laptop today.

Literally me getting way to emotional over the marriage troubles of a couple.... who are not even freaking real!!    Seriously this story is that amazing of a roller coaster ride. 

So apologies for arriving late this week, but I rather suspect some of you get exactly what I am saying.

Please tell me I am not the only one so intent on indulging on their guilty pleasures to the point of utter distraction?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Shameful!!!   Come on, fess up!  
We all have a book, movie, or song... 
maybe a celebrity crush that makes us blush? 
I'm listening.

Well I think my love of super heroes is well documented on this blog.   
So I will not go into detail about that.   Detail, meaning apology.
Honestly, I am not even sorry or ashamed at this point.

I also do have a ready to go Freebie List.    I even considered getting it laminated, I am that loyal to my celebrity husbands.    Maybe even proprietary.   Tom Hardy is incredibly talented and handsome as hell, with that bit of bad boy vibe, and that IS my jam. 

I know tattoos are not for everyone, but it's fantasy people - take a leap!   LOL

But seriously, the man can play any role.   Fight me on that.   
I must also have substance with my fantasy or it just won't work.  

No, you can't have him on your Freebie List.   He's mine.

Mostly, I really appreciate it when my faves, such as Mr. Hardy,  have a knack for picking really great stories.    And that is ALWAYS my vibe.    

GREAT STORIES will always be my guilty pleasure above all. 

I'm not opposed to a bit of smut within the tale --- not quite 50 Shades, not quite as sappy as a Harelquin: middle is good. 
The other confession is, I also write that stuff.  

Getting lost in my own characters is just as dangerous and time loss inducing these days.   I can glance up from my laptop and suddenly realize it is dark and the children need to be fed. 
No no, I am not that bad.  Don't call anyone.
And there is always frozen pizza in the freezer ---- which gives me about another 20 minutes of writing time while it cooks. 

Here is the tricky part:  it gets a little smutty.    Okay, sometimes a lot smutty.   Oh there's lots of fluffy romance feels in there too.   Also violence and language because the main character of the piece is a gangster after all.    However, I feel like sometimes we are okay with a bit of bad language and some mild violence... but writing about SEX??

Good girls don't do that. 

Except, this one does.  
And believe me, I had a hard time with that... because I am a Girl Guide Leader and a Sunday School teacher, so why I am writing about people doing the horizontal?   (actually Alfie prefers his desk often, just a warning)   

Simple.  I write about people.   And people have sex.   
It's really that simple and I think it's nigh time we stop making women feel ashamed, or dirty about it.   It's normal human behaviour and if I am going to write about them taking a walk in the park, attending a play,  or going to dinner ... then I see no reason why you cannot also write about them doing it in the car behind the theatre.   Personally, I don't necessarily enjoy the completely "vulgar" - not really my preference; but I will tell you what is going on in that car.   Sometimes I push my own limits and then sit back and think:  yep, that was too far - don't go there again.  Lesson learned. 

My motivation will always be to ensure it's a complete story.   The scenes don't exist solely to propel you towards the hot and steamy scenes.  They are not what is important in the overall telling of the tale; but they are there.

I rather feel at this point, in my mid 40s, I should have not have to explain or justify to anyone that "yes, sex happens in my stories."

Also, it's not as easy to write it as one might think.   It's a fine line to make sure it doesn't become the focus of the piece.   That the story doesn't just exist so I can get someone all twitterpated:  that's not why I write.

But I do want to make you FEEL -- everything.

I think I've already proven on this blog I can write the sentimental, the rant, the poetic, the fluffy good feels ---- this was simple the last taboo to cross.  

If you want to cross the divide:  HERE'S THE MASTERLIST TO ALL OF IT 

Yes, I have been busy while not here. 
The Still Waters fan fic based on the show Taboo is over 100,000 words now!    And it's not even finished.  
That's novel length ---  which is truly the main point of it all folks.

I CAN write a full length novel story.  I proved it to myself, and it feels really good.
Almost better than sex.  ;)

So yes stories are my guilty pleasure.  Fantasy.  Fan Fiction.  Classical.  Poetry.   You create a world and I'll come running to jump in it. 

If you don't know how to create the world and the muse strikes, I'll create it for you.  

Next Week:  Three things on your Summer To Do List.   (LAST CHAT before Summer Break!)

Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

 image source

 That is not one of my coffee images posted above, but it is one of my favourite image combinations:  coffee and a bonfire.    Also that view!!!

Imagine waking up to this in the morning?   The next time someone asks me why I like camping, this is the image I will show them.   There is just something about sitting by a warm fire with a warm mug in your hands during the early morning chill.   

If I could wake up to this every day, I'd think I was in paradise.  

Instead, this week I woke up to no coffee in the house and a dead laptop battery.  Which wouldn't be too much of a problem because you can plug them in, right?
Yes, unless that cord also fails. 
What to do, AND how to write??!!

Maybe you should sit down and have a coffee while you figure out a solution?

Anyway, apologies for not getting to your comments and posts last week until very late today, but I am back up and running today.   I even have an external hard drive now so that I can back up my laptop every night. 

Because can you imagine if I lost all those photos I've been acquiring the past couple of years, OR the stories that have been pouring out of me?

Sometimes I think the cave drawers had a better system.
I mean, those pictures and words are still with us and no one had to make an emergency order from Amazon. 

Unless of course, that is how you like to spend your weekend time?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? 

As already noted, every day should start with coffee.   That's just a given.   The where is what can make it extra special.   I have mentioned being particularly fond of Left Brain's bedside delivery practice.

Since I cannot get the camping and bonfire experience every day, when the summer months arrive, my backdeck with a view of my gardens is the next best thing.    Just tune out the noise of suburbia in the background. 

I don't have a picture of coffee on my back deck - yet, because we are currently invested by these red and black bugs crawling over every single thing they can crawl upon.   And I don't mean of the lady like variety -- these things are ugly.    I think they only last at the beginning of the warm weather and them mostly die off, so hopefully we can soon be enjoying the lovely weather. 

I did however have to get those nasty creepies out of my garden before they ate all my  plants.    Thus, my weekend was definitely spent doing one of my favourite things.  In my Happy Place.   Even though bugs are happy here too.

After a very late Spring, that gave us snow in May, followed by weeks of constant cloudy skies and downpours, the sun finally shone.   And my garden was most grateful. 

Happy Place.  #garden #flowers #nature #getdirty 🌺 ☀️ 🐝 🦋

I have more garden shots for WW this week, all kinds of colour popping up all over the place.    I especially like that shock of blue with my newly painted birdbath.  The birds love it too.

Working in the garden always gives me a huge appetite.  I could eat an entire cow, I swear it.   I settled for one fantastic grilled steak instead.

Honestly, I do not know why I own a stove.   BBQ is the way to go.   I think I could live just fine without electricity.    Well, except for that I need to do some writing on my computer today Right Now before the idea leaves me thing.   Although, I could buy more pretty journals that way!! 

And as if life was not beautiful enough, I did get that bonfire closing of the day after all.
Thanks to an invitation from friends ---  it had looked like rain all day, but thankfully it held off and we had a lovely time of smores and watching the kids play Manhunt in the woods.

If the weather was just a bit warmer -- meaning our water still not glacial temperature - all I  would add to this weekend is a trip to the beach.   Perfection.

You know, I just realized I have celebrated all the wondrous Four Elements of Nature in my weekend pursuits:

Outdoors - Air
Garden - Earth
Bonfire/BBQ - Fire
Beach - Water

That's it folks; I've achieved Perfect Harmony and Balance w 
That's the secret to life right there; y'all can stop searching now.

Have any perfect weekend secrets you want to share?
Coffee's on. 

Next Week:  Shameful!!!   Come on, fess up!  We all have a book, movie, or song... maybe even celebrity crush that we are a bit ashamed to say we love!   I'm listening.

Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.

Yes, I do remember that I have a Blog.
Yes, I realize only posting once a week rather challenges that statement.
No, I cannot apologize for that truth just yet.

I seem to be in a different season right now.   I'm writing every day; often the words just flowing and I realize suddenly a couple of hours have gone by.   And it feels amazing!!!

The wonderful thing is, I am LEARNING so much with all this writing.   Whereas I feel my regular blogging has grown rather stale.  I needed to stretch my wings for a season.  Not just pushing my creativity, ability, comfort zones and discipline, but the amount of RESEARCH y'all --- it's staggering.

Go ahead, ask me about Tidal Times and Flows in the Caribbean Sea.
Specifically on the island of Montserrat. 
Go on, I'll wait.

HA!!!   It's a trick question:  there are none!!
This particular island, and others in the Caribbean Sea are amphidromic points:  which is a point of zero tide basically.   The ocean level remains basically the same.

Why is this important?
It's important because if you were writing a story in which your characters are sailing into port and almost an entire chapter focuses on an older sailor teaching a younger sailor about tidal times...... when there are in fact NONE...

... well, you'd have to delete and re-write the entire chapter.
And that would suck.  Trust.

So, I'm an expert researcher now, which adds as much as an hour to my writing time some days.  You can ask me about the streets of Camden Town another time.

 Maybe I can make a blog post about it?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

What is the best compliment you've received lately?

You know what?   I don't usually toot my horn.   In fact, I am not even sure where it is....?
But for the purposes of this chat post, I will force myself to find it and give it a little beep beep.
Maybe even a HONK.

Because we should do that for ourselves.   If people take the time to pay you a compliment, you should at least give it worthy time to acknowledge.

It's taken me years to be brave enough to put my writing out there for people to read.  YEARS people.   I'm in my 40s and it's just the past couple of years I have begun to share stories with folks.
I don't count talking about being a wife, a mom, a sometimes poet here on this little blog as my actual writing; even though it too has been invaluable.    But it's the appetizer, ya know?
I've finally graduated to the buffet.... and it's feels delicious!

Why didn't I share?
You know the answer already, don't you.   Because I bet it's the same reason you don't share something of yourself.   Something so deeply personal and creative.

What. If. People. Don't.  Like.  It??!!

Well, tell you what:  some won't.
But some will.
And you'll listen to both, and you'll be better for it.

But do pay attention to those golden little offerings more than the negative, okay?
That being said, here are some comments on the fictions that I have shared on my Tumblr lately.

Really enjoyed reading this wonderful story, hope there will be more Alfie and Alyona soon! 🤗

Oh, i love this one! 😍 Beautiful story, thank you.

I don’t think I should be reading your stuff at work anymore. Holy mother of God… 

The morning on the island- beautiful. While i was reading the first thunderstorm of spring started, but I do think the goosebumps where only from your writing.

Yet again; another brilliantly written piece; so much depth with the beautiful love he has let himself have & feel for her it’s fantastic 😁😁

Love love love this chapter!! So many interactions between different characters, love them all. No man is an island - indeed! I love how you have brought them all together.

“he knew what a difference it meant when someone shared their heart, as easily as they shared their body.” I LOVE this part! The ease of their intimacy is so beautiful ❤️ and coupled with their minor awkwardness in the kitchen is too adorable. And the bread thieving puppy!!! 🤗

That feels good and a bit awkward sharing.   Which is stupid because we should not feel awkward sharing good things said about us, or our talents.    The truth is, I need comments like these because some days I feel like giving up.   That writing is silly.   No one is reading, why bother?!!

And then I get compliments like this and it reminds me that some people are in fact enjoying the story.  It's not silly.    I created something!!!

Also, you will notice the variety I have chosen to share here, and there are very specific reasons for the ones  I selected.   Some are quite simple - which is great.  Others are very specific.   I love getting a humorous one.   And then the gold standard: when someone actually quotes a line from the story that affected them strongly.   LOVE.

So if you do happen to read fan fictions on the internet, or buy other bloggers books, it is really helpful to us writers when we receive some kind of comment.   Even if you don't like the story, but can offer constructive comments on why; it is so helpful in teaching us how to write better.   I will still take it as a compliment that you took the  time to say anything.  As long as you are not rude of course. 

I encourage you to take the time to respond to the writers you enjoy!   Even if it is simple and sincere.   Remember, most of us are not Stephen King or JK Rowling, we are are providing you with stories for low cost, or most of us FREE.   So a comment goes a long way to encouraging us to continue to bring you stories.  :)

I'm sure everyone can understand this concept because even us bloggers, I know we all love to receive comments on our posts.  It's a universal sign "hey, thanks for being one of my people.  I enjoy it here."

And that always feels pretty darn good.
So hey, you're all awesome and I enjoy you all being here!!   :)

Next Week:  What is your favourite way to spend the weekend?

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